Super League Championship Playoffs

Posted in Magic Online on November 17, 2015

By Randy Buehler

It all comes down to this—tonight we crown a winner of the Super League Championship!

The Group Stage finale was full of drama, including a pair of three-way ties for playoff spots. Once all the dust settled in was a pair of Hall of Fame members on the right side of those tiebreakers: Paul Rietzl was in thanks to a 2-0 win, and Eric Froehlich won his third and fourth games in a row while facing elimination to grab the last playoff spot.

No tiebreakers were required to sort out which two group winners would receive first round byes in the playoffs. Lee Shi Tian didn’t even drop a game on his way to 3-0 and Standard Super League champion Gaby Spartz won her 8th consecutive Super League match to once again 3-0 her group and take a spot in the semifinals.

Check out the first round Feature Match that will determine Gaby’s opponent! Paul and Eric are both among the Top 4 ranked players in the world right now, and are both in the Pro Tour Hall of Fame as well. Don’t be late tonight because this one should make for quite a showdown.

All six players will be submitting new decklists for tonight. The word is out now when it comes to 4-color Rally the Ancestors. Not only did Lee Shi Tian go 3-0 (6-0) in the group stage, but it also put multiple people into the Top 8 of last weekend’s Grand Prix in Brussels. Will Lee run it back? Meanwhile, the three Standard GPs have been won by Jeskai, Abzan, and Esper. How many copies of those decks will we see tonight? Click here to see all the playoff decklists (which were submitted after this article was written).

Tune in to tonight at 6:00 p.m. Pacific for all the action. You can also watch afterwards (or catch up now!) on Youtube. For more information about Magic Online, please visit

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