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Posted in Magic Online on October 4, 2016

By Lee Sharpe

We have been reading a lot of feedback posted by members of the Magic Online community regarding Magic Online Treasure Chests that are being added to Constructed events starting Wednesday, October 5. We remain very excited for their release but wanted to address some player concerns.

Details, Details...

One of the main concerns we heard was that there was not a full reveal of the exact probabilities and ratios released in a Treasure Chest. We heard your requests and will be providing a complete breakdown including:

  • At what percentage each slot is occupied by a curated card, a Modern-set rare or mythic rare, a number of Play Points, or a Standard common or uncommon;
  • The ratio each curated card appears relative to each other curated card; and
  • The possible different number of Play Points you can receive, and the ratio each possibility appears relative to the others.

To check out these details, head to the Magic Online Treasure Chest Details page.

Trading Treasure

Additionally, many of you have requested that Treasure Chests be tradable. In response to this feedback, treasure chests will become tradable in mid-November when we update the Treasure Chest content to include cards from Commander (2016 Edition) and Conspiracy: Take the Crown. Players who have Treasure Chests in their account will always have the most recent version of the contents whenever they decide to open them (including as mentioned in the time frame above, the ability to trade them).

We are also looking at possible changes to the design of the content with trading in mind—especially since Play Points are (and will remain) untradeable. Complete details of these and all future changes will be released on the Magic Online Treasure Chest Details page prior to those changes taking effect on Magic Online.

Start Your Engines

Don’t forget, Preleases for Kaladesh begin earlier this year, this Wednesday, October 5. There’s both a draft league for 12 event tickets and a Sealed League for 24 event tickets. Hope to see you there, and good luck shooting for undefeated trophies!

If you have any further feedback on Treasure Chests or other items related to Magic Online, you can tweet at @MagicOnline or @mtg_lee, or send an email to

Lee Sharpe
Digital Product Manager—Magic Online

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