Vintage Super League Episode 1 Recap

Posted in Magic Online on July 14, 2015

By Randy Buehler

Vintage Super League features a collection of Magic celebrities playing the most powerful format the game has ever known. Every set ever printed is legal in Vintage, and you can feel the raw power coursing through your veins whenever you pilot a deck full of restricted cards. The big winner in Week 1 was Eric Froehlich. The No. 1-ranked player in the world won two matches and has already clinched a spot in the fall Super League Championship, as he can now finish no worse than 3rd in VSL. Everyone else still has work to do, and the action heats up this week with four elimination matches taking place:

The format this season is double-elimination, which will play out over the course of three weeks. It's a shorter format than previous seasons, but that's because VSL has joined up with Standard Super League and the newly formed Modern Super League to feed a Super League Championship this fall.

The deck choices for this season are pretty interesting. There are fully three Workshop decks, with even Luis Scott-Vargas taking one out for a spin. The VSL metagame has historically been light on Workshop decks (and heavy on more interactive decks, like Delver), but the power-level of Mishra's Workshop is just too high to ignore. Another card that has proven too powerful to ignore is Doomsday—which gives you all the fun of playing with the best blue cards, but with a broken-combo finish—and two players went in that direction. The other decks include one pure combo deck (Burning Oath) and two different takes on grindy blue-based Control decks: Land-still and Grixis Therapy. Notably missing are Dredge and Delver of Secrets (though the Grixis Therapy is basically Delver but with Cabal Therapy where the Delvers would be).

You can see Week 2 live on tonight at 6pm PT (UTC-7) You can also catch up on week one over on YouTube.

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