Vintage Super League Episode 11

Posted in Magic Online on April 14, 2015

By Randy Buehler

It is playoff time in the Vintage Super League! This week’s show features just two players, Randy Buehler and Eric Froehlich, but it could feature as many as five matches as the two of them battle for the right to face Luis Scott-Vargas in the semi-finals.

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Each playoff match is best three out of five and each player is allowed to bring up to three new decks to the table. There’s no obligation to bring three different decks, so Eric is allowed to bring three copies of Dredge and go for the 0-13 mark if he really wants to.

Players will label their three decks ahead of time and the first match will be between the two players’ “A” decks, the second match is between their “B” decks, and the third match is between their “C” decks. If a fourth match is required for someone to get to three match wins then the players can choose whichever of their three decks they like for that match. If there is a fifth decision match, players can choose freely again.

The semi-finals against Luis and the finals against Chris will use exactly this same format and whoever wins this quarter-final is free to bring three totally new decks again next week. Don’t forget that those finals are on a special Sunday afternoon edition of the Vintage Super League (Pacific Time, anyway) and also that we are just two weeks away from the debut of the Standard Super League.

Watch the Vintage Super League Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-7) on! The Standard Super League premiers at the same time and place on Tuesday, April 28.

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