Vintage Super League Episode 2

Posted in Magic Online on February 10, 2015

By Randy Buehler

Vintage Super League returns tonight with week 2 action. Vintage Super League is a collection of ten Magic celebrities who love the Vintage format and get together every Tuesday night to battle. There’s a foil set of Vintage Masters on the line for the winner (along with a heaping helping of pride), while last place won’t be invited back to play season 3. Tune in to at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8) for five live matches, all played on Magic Online and streamed for your viewing pleasure.

You can watch archives of previous Vintage Super League shows here.

You can read more about VSL here.

You can view Vintage Super League decklists here.

Kai Budde’s internet problems may have prevented him from making his debut in week 1, but this week we’ll finally get to see Kai in action and he’s paired against fellow Hall of Famer Bob Maher. This time for sure. I think.

Meanwhile, the big storyline coming out of week 1 was the Blue Belcher deck being played by Chris Pikula and I that managed to win three of the five matches which have been played so far. (When Kai couldn’t make it to his match against Luis Scott-Vargas, we swapped LSV’s week 3 match against me into the week 1 schedule. Kai will now play twice in week 3, and I’ll have that week off.)

You can see the Blue Belcher decklist here, along with everything else that’s been played so far this season. I ran an earlier version of the Belcher list in the recent Holiday Festival Vintage Championship tournament where I took 2nd, losing to LSV in the finals after beating EFro in the semis. Congrats to those guys on winning Grand Prix San Jose too! It’s been a good year for VSL players so far.) I wasn’t initially planning to run Belcher (since I feared I would be expected to and metagamed against), but Chris upgraded the list by adding Diminishing Returns and Candelabra of Tawnos so after helping him test the deck I opted back in. One result was the first turn-one-kill in league history!

We’ve played over 50 matches of Magic, but that was the first turn-one-kill. (The previous best turn one was using Tinker to put Blightsteel Colossus into play. Force of Will back-up meant that was pretty close to a first turn kill, but my rule is that if you say “go” it’s not a first turn kill.) I know lots of people may think Vintage is all about turn-one-kills, but all the free counterspells and disruption available mean they’re actually fairly rare.

Tonight I am paired against Eric Froehlich and have the chance to finish running the table with this deck. We can change decks every three weeks, so the round robin regular season is divided up into three different “trimesters” with most players choosing to change decks at each opportunity. In this week’s feature match I will try to get to 3-0 while EFro will seek revenge for his semifinal loss in the Holiday Festival Championship. It’s even the same matchup as that semifinal: Belcher versus Delver. Delver may not have access to four copies of Treasure Cruise due to the recent restriction, but it’s still quite a good deck and this should be quite a good match.

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