Vintage Super League Episode 4

Posted in Magic Online on February 24, 2015

By Randy Buehler

The big news this week is that new decks will be featured on tonight’s Vintage Super League show on Our ten hand-picked Magic celebrities are allowed to change decks every three weeks, and everyone is eager to see what everyone else is going to play (especially since these are the first new decks since Fate Reforged became legal on Magic Online!). All the decklists will be published after the show and you can tune in to to see exactly what folks brought into battle for their next three games.

Watch archives of previous Vintage Super League shows here.

Read more about Vintage Super League here.

View Vintage Super League decklists here.

One match that I know everyone will have an eye on tonight is the rematch of last year’s championship match between Luis Scott-Vargas and Stephen Menendian. Both players went 6-3 in the regular season (including a classic battle in Week 6 that you can watch here—skip ahead to the 4:44 mark if you don’t want to watch me vent about my own loss that week) to tie for 1st and then Steve won the playoff game for the #1 seed and the bye into the finals. Luis won the semi, but Steve was once again victorious in the finals to claim the Season 1 championship. This season, both players currently find themselves at 2-1, so this match will make the difference between playoff position as we cross the halfway mark of the schedule and a spot in the middle of the pack.

The other match I want to highlight this week is the one between David Williams and Tom Martell. Both of these guys have been playing Magic for 15+ years and both have successful careers outside of Magic, yet both have continued to make the time to play Magic—and to play it at a very high level. David Williams has three team Grand Prix wins, the most in Magic history. Tom Martell is a Pro Tour champion. This particular year hasn’t been kind to Tom so far, as he just slipped out of the Top 25 rankings for the first time since they began publication and he put up a 0-3 record with Dredge in VSL so far, but now he gets a new deck and a chance to start turning things around.

Watch the Vintage Super League Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-8) on!

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