Vintage Super League Play-In Tournament Episode 1

Posted in Magic Online on November 24, 2015

By Randy Buehler

Vintage Super League was the league that got the whole Super Tuesday train started, and fans have been clamoring for its return for many months. With the Super League Championship now in the rearview mirror (congratulations Paul Rietzl!), it is now time to turn out attention back to Magic's oldest and most powerful format!

Everyone who is allowed to return from the last full VSL season will be returning, but part of how VSL works is that the last-place player gets "relegated." In other words, they are kicked out of the league for the next season.

The Vintage Super League Season 4 Line-Up:

  • Kai Budde
  • Randy Buehler
  • Eric Froehlich
  • Bob Maher
  • Tom Martell
  • Steve Menendian
  • Chris Pikula
  • Luis Scott-Vargas
  • Rich Shay
  • To Be Determined by Play-In Tournament

Heading into this season, we decided to have a tournament to determine who would get to fill that tenth spot. Here's the field for the play-in tournament that will kick off tonight:

All eight members have already submitted the decklists they will use for this event. You can see those here. After the decklists were in, we rolled up a bracket to determine who will play whom. It's going to be double elimination, which means everyone keeps playing until they lose twice. Here are the details around how that will play out for the next three weeks:

This Week's Matches

  • Match 1: David Williams vs. Roland Chang
  • Match 2: Nick Detwiler vs. Sam Black
  • Match 3: David Ochoa vs. Olle Rade
  • Match 4: Gerard Fabiano vs. Reid Duke
  • Match 5: Winner of Match 1 vs. Winner of Match 2

If a player loses their original match, they will be paired together to play up through a second bracket, with the losers from Matches 1 and 2 playing against each other and the losers from Matches 3 and 4 playing against each other next Tuesday, December 1.

Tune in tonight on at 6:00 p.m. PT, because Vintage is back! For more information about Magic Online, please visit

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