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Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Decklists

by Blake Rasmussen September 20 2018

Revealing the contents of the Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Decks!

Card Preview

The Tokens of Guilds of Ravnica

by Blake Rasmussen September 14 2018

Take a look at the tokens and emblems created by cards in Guilds of Ravnica!

Competitive Gaming

2019 to Feature Six Pro Tours!

by Blake Rasmussen September 6 2018

The upcoming Pro Tour season will feature six events and a total prize pool of $1.5 million!

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Guilds of Ravnica Packaging, Promos, and More

by Blake Rasmussen September 4 2018

Blake reveals the packing of Guilds of Ravnica, along with all the promos from the set you can get from your local store.


Introducing Magic Game Night and Updated Gift Pack

by Blake Rasmussen August 27 2018

Take a look at the updated Gift Pack and brand-new Magic Game Night available this November!


Magic at PAX West

by Blake Rasmussen August 21 2018

Looking to play Magic at PAX West this year? Blake lays out everything you need to know!

Competitive Gaming

August 16, 2018 Pro Tour Update

by Blake Rasmussen August 16 2018

Blake shares the first details about the 2018–19 Pro Tour season!


Introducing the Spellslinger Starter Kit

by Blake Rasmussen August 13 2018

On October 5, we'll be releasing a new learn-to-play product aimed at helping new players, well, learn to play!


Commander (2018 Edition) Decklists and Tokens

by Blake Rasmussen July 27 2018

Want to know which Commander (2018 Edition) deck contains the cards you're most excited about? Blake has the sweet knowledge you crave.

Card Preview

Core Set 2019 Packaging, Promos, and More

by Blake Rasmussen June 11 2018

Welcome to Core Set 2019 previews! Well, sort of.

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