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Top Ravnica Allegiance Standard Decks

by Luis Scott-Vargas February 1 2019

Ravnica Allegiance was just released and is already shaking up Standard, boosting existing decks and inspiring new decks altogether!

How to Play Limited

Ravnica Allegiance Draft First Picks

by Luis Scott-Vargas January 24 2019

Hall of Fame player Luis Scott-Vargas shares his picks for the best cards to Draft first in Ravnica Allegiance.

How to Play Limited

Guilds of Ravnica Draft First Picks

by Luis Scott-Vargas October 4 2018

Luis shares his pick rankings for Guilds of Ravnica Draft to give you a leg up on the competition for Draft Weekend.

Card Preview

Tajic, Legion's Edge

by Luis Scott-Vargas September 18 2018

Luis has an exciting Guilds of Ravnica preview card that may give Boros a solid edge against opponents.

How to Play Limited

Core Set 2019 First Picks

by Luis Scott-Vargas July 10 2018

Prepare to take down Core Set 2019 Draft with Luis's ranking of the set for Limited!

How to Play Limited

Core Exercises

by Luis Scott-Vargas June 26 2018

Luis shares three strategies for drafting Core Set 2019 to help you prepare for the newest Magic release!

How to Play Limited

Dominaria First Picks

by Luis Scott-Vargas April 30 2018

Luis gives his picks for the best cards to take early in Dominaria Draft.

How to Play Limited

Dominating Dominaria Limited

by Luis Scott-Vargas April 17 2018

Luis explains how you can forge your own history in the Dominaria Limited environment.

Card Preview

Hands-On History

by Luis Scott-Vargas April 10 2018

Luis shares a handful of previews to showcase the flexibility of historic cards in Dominaria.

Card Preview

Graveyard Love and Hate

by Luis Scott-Vargas March 1 2018

Luis previews two Masters 25 cards that couldn't be more different. One loves the graveyard; the other absolutely hates it.

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