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Making Magic

War Games

by Mark Rosewater April 22 2019

Mark shares card-by-card design stories from War of the Spark, a set packed with loads of flavorful talking points.

Making Magic

Waging War of the Spark, Part 3

by Mark Rosewater April 15 2019

Mark's back with another War of the Spark preview, this week with commentary on how R&D captured the war aspect of the Planeswalker war.

Making Magic

Waging War of the Spark, Part 2

by Mark Rosewater April 8 2019

Mark's got another War of the Spark preview, this time talking about proliferate and its journey back to Standard.

Making Magic

Waging War of the Spark, Part 1

by Mark Rosewater April 1 2019

Mark leaps into War of the Spark previews by telling the story of the set's focus on planeswalker cards—how it came about and R&D's needs for execution.

Making Magic

Storm Scale: Kaladesh and Amonkhet

by Mark Rosewater March 25 2019

Mark uses his Storm Scale to rate the mechanics from Kaladesh and Amonkhet blocks to see which stand a good chance of returning.

Making Magic

Resonate Spinning

by Mark Rosewater March 18 2019

Mark describes the many ways in which resonance is woven into Magic design and why it's integral for players to connect with the game.

Making Magic

Where It's At

by Mark Rosewater March 11 2019

Mark finishes up his mega series on question words with fan-submitted "where" questions.

Making Magic

You Know Who

by Mark Rosewater March 4 2019

Mark answers reader questions centered around the "Who" of Magic.

Making Magic

Five Requests I Often Have to Ignore

by Mark Rosewater February 25 2019

Mark explains why we just can't do some of the things fans request for Magic.

Making Magic

Other People's Shoes

by Mark Rosewater February 18 2019

Mark talks about the importance of empathy in game design and how to be more empathetic toward your audience.

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