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Making Magic

Constraints and Defaults

by Mark Rosewater July 15 2019

Two things form the framework for good rulemaking in game design: constraints and defaults.

Making Magic

What Core Can I Say? – Part 2

by Mark Rosewater July 8 2019

Mark continues sharing his card-by-card design stories from Core Set 2020.

Making Magic

What Core Can I Say? - Part 1

by Mark Rosewater July 1 2019

Mark begins sharing card-by-card design stories from Core Set 2020 with a focus on the set's legendary cards.

Making Magic

Core Than Meets the Eye

by Mark Rosewater June 24 2019

Mark continues his stories about the design of Core Set 2020 with more previews and a tour of the cycles in the set.

Making Magic

Core to the Point

by Mark Rosewater June 17 2019

Mark talks about the design of the core sets and previews three cards from the upcoming Core Set 2020.

Making Magic

Modern Times

by Mark Rosewater June 10 2019

Mark shares card-by-card design stories from the creation of Modern Horizons.

Making Magic

Nine Hundred and Counting

by Mark Rosewater June 3 2019

Mark gives you a rundown (and his ratings) of the last hundred articles he's written.

Making Magic

Modern Life

by Mark Rosewater May 27 2019

Mark continues Modern Horizons previews with more stories, this time regarding all the themes R&D packed into the set.

Making Magic

Modern Sensibilities

by Mark Rosewater May 20 2019

Mark starts Modern Horizons previews with stories about how the set came to be and how it got designed.

Making Magic

Odds & Ends: War of the Spark

by Mark Rosewater May 13 2019

Mark opens his mailbag to answer reader questions about the design of War of the Spark.

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