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Making Magic

Singing in the Eldraine

by Mark Rosewater September 16 2019

Mark shares more Throne of Eldraine preview cards, this time with a focus on the set's structure and mechanics.

Making Magic

Eldraine or Shine

by Mark Rosewater September 9 2019

Mark shares the winding story of how Eldraine came to life, and how R&D adapted fairy tales to suit Magic.

Making Magic


by Mark Rosewater September 2 2019

Sometimes it takes quite a while for even the best ideas to find their way out into the wild.

Making Magic

State of Design 2019

by Mark Rosewater August 26 2019

Mark reflects on design highlights and lessons learned from 2019 in his annual address.

Making Magic

Why Diversity Matters in Game Design

by Mark Rosewater August 19 2019

Mark explains why diversity in game design, as in life, makes everything more enjoyable, relatable, and memorable.

Making Magic

Themes Like Old Times

by Mark Rosewater August 12 2019

As Mark explains, throwing great parties has a lot more in common with designing great Magic sets than you might think!

Making Magic

Need I Say Morph

by Mark Rosewater August 5 2019

Mark discusses more of the history behind the morph mechanic and reveals some brand-new cards from Commander (2019 Edition)!

Making Magic

Return of Colorful Replies

by Mark Rosewater July 29 2019

Mark lets the colors of Magic speak for themselves to answer more questions from his readers.

Making Magic

Project Booster Fun

by Mark Rosewater July 21 2019

Beginning with Magic's October set, we'll be introducing new ways to find the cards that excite you most inside booster packs.

Making Magic

Constraints and Defaults

by Mark Rosewater July 15 2019

Two things form the framework for good rulemaking in game design: constraints and defaults.

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