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How to Build

Cycling through Amonkhet

by Jacob Van Lunen May 9 2017

Jacob walks us through the decision of process that goes into cycling (or not cycling) a card in different stages of a game.

Card Preview

Curator of Mysteries

by Jacob Van Lunen April 6 2017

Jacob's preview card aims to help you cycle through your deck with ease!

How to Build

Making the Jump to Modern

by Jacob Van Lunen March 14 2017

Jacob looks at recently printed cards that have made the jump from Standard to Modern.

How to Build

Picking Up the Pieces

by Jacob Van Lunen January 24 2017

Jacob dives into the newest Standard format, looking at how the best decks might evolve to fit the environment.

How to Build

How to Build with Black

by Jacob Van Lunen December 6 2016

Jake highlights a few of the ways black-aligned mages can build their decks to tackle Standard.

Ways to Play

Teaming up for Greatness

by Jacob Van Lunen November 8 2016

Being part of a team is a great way to share knowledge with friends and an even better way to improve your game.

Top Decks

Kaladesh Build-Arounds

by Jacob Van Lunen December 20 2016

Kaladesh is full of wonderful build-arounds with which to craft new and exciting decks!

Card Preview

Metal Head

by Jacob Van Lunen September 12 2016

Jake previews a new way to apply quick pressure in Kaladesh Standard.

Top Decks

What to Expect in Standard at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon

by Jacob Van Lunen August 4 2016

Curious to know which decks you'll see at Pro Tour Eldritch Moon? Jake breaks down several of the top contenders.

How to Build

How to Build Vampires with Eldritch Moon

by Jacob Van Lunen July 19 2016

JVL zooms in on a tribe that's poised to become a breakout threat in Eldritch Moon Standard: Vampires.

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