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Announcing the Brawl Championship

by Gavin Verhey August 14 2018

The Multiplayer Brawl Championship is coming to Grand Prix Richmond!

Card Preview

Designing Commander (2018 Edition)

by Gavin Verhey July 24 2018

Gavin goes over the design of Commander (2018 Edition), offers an in-depth look at its themes and mechanics, and previews cards from the set.

Beyond the Basics

Five Reasons to Try Booster Draft

by Gavin Verhey July 12 2018

Gavin explains all about the Booster Draft format and why it's remained one of his favorites as well as one of Magic's most popular to date.


Checking in on Brawl

by Gavin Verhey July 9 2018

Gavin shares tidbits from behind the curtain to show how R&D is thinking about Brawl.


Core Set 2019 Prerelease Primer

by Gavin Verhey July 3 2018

Gavin has everything you need to know about signing up for, playing in, and completely enjoying Core Set 2019 Prelease events!

Card Preview

Single-Card Strategies

by Gavin Verhey June 21 2018

Gavin previews several cards from Core Set 2019 and provides in-depth deck-building strategies for each.


Creating Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling

by Gavin Verhey June 7 2018

Gavin pulls back the curtain to explain how and why R&D created a brand-new introductory experience aimed at Chinese players.

Card Preview

A New Challenger Approaches

by Gavin Verhey May 21 2018

Gavin can't wait to talk about Battlebond! Meet the teams behind the set and learn more about how it was made.


Find Your Partner with Battlebond

by Gavin Verhey May 18 2018

It's almost time for Battlebond previews, but Gavin has an early look at the upcoming set—including brand-new art and two new cards!


The Future of Brawl

by Gavin Verhey May 10 2018

Gavin (and special guest Ian Duke) explain changes coming to Brawl to improve the format.

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