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Card Preview

A New Challenger Approaches

by Gavin Verhey May 21 2018

Gavin can't wait to talk about Battlebond! Meet the teams behind the set and learn more about how it was made.


Find Your Partner with Battlebond

by Gavin Verhey May 18 2018

It's almost time for Battlebond previews, but Gavin has an early look at the upcoming set—including brand-new art and two new cards!


The Future of Brawl

by Gavin Verhey May 10 2018

Gavin (and special guest Ian Duke) explain changes coming to Brawl to improve the format.


A New Era

by Gavin Verhey May 3 2018

By Gavin's count, there have been four distinct eras in Magic product offerings, and the newest one is all about what you want for the game.


Dominaria Prerelease Primer

by Gavin Verhey April 16 2018

The Dominaria Prerelease is this weekend, and Gavin has all the info you need to prepare for our trip back to Magic's first plane!

Ways to Play

Join the Brawl

by Gavin Verhey March 22 2018

Gavin introduces a brand-new Magic format: Brawl!


How Famous Cards Were Made

by Gavin Verhey March 20 2018

Gavin dives deep into the past to share what R&D was thinking when designing classic cards from long ago.

Beyond the Basics

Three Things to Know about Masters 25 Limited

by Gavin Verhey March 8 2018

Masters 25 is coming out soon, and Gavin has three things you should know as you prepare for the Limited format.

Card Preview

The Card That Changed My Life

by Gavin Verhey March 1 2018

Throughout his Magic career, one card has taught Gavin numerous lessons. Today, he gets to share that card with the world again.


The Future of Masters

by Gavin Verhey February 22 2018

With Masters 25 previews starting next week, now is the perfect time to explain what goes into a Masters set.

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