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Beyond the Basics

How Low Can You Go?

by Gavin Verhey October 19 2017

In both Constructed and Limited formats, it's important to always consider how your deck's goals align with its mana curve.

Beyond the Basics

Blocking a Bluff

by Gavin Verhey October 11 2017

If your opponent attacks into what appears to be a losing situation, perhaps there's more at work than a simple mistake.

Beyond the Basics

The Butterfly Effect

by Gavin Verhey October 5 2017

Every choice you make in a draft affects the choices that follow. Gavin shows how you can use what you know to your advantage!

Beyond the Basics

Real Estate Management 101

by Gavin Verhey September 28 2017

Managing the order in which you play out your lands may seem unimportant, but it can make a huge difference in your games!


Building a Better Magic Set

by Gavin Verhey September 27 2017

Gavin takes a closer look at the team maintaining Magic's foundation and building toward the future.

Beyond the Basics

Indestructible Inspiration

by Gavin Verhey September 21 2017

Gavin gives indispensable information on indestructible, one of Magic's most invaluable abilities.


Ixalan Prerelease Primer

by Gavin Verhey September 18 2017

With another set comes another Prerelease, and Gavin once again has answers to any questions you may have!

Card Preview

A Win-Win Exploration

by Gavin Verhey September 14 2017

Gavin's explains how exploring Ixalan can lead you straight to victory!

Card Preview


by Gavin Verhey September 7 2017

Usually the last thing you want is for your creatures to take damage. Well, not anymore!

Beyond the Basics

How to Teach Magic

by Gavin Verhey August 31 2017

Gavin teaches you how to teach others how to play Magic.

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