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Magic Lifestyle

Convention-al Magic

by Bruce Richard March 22 2017

As Bruce can attest, conventions present great opportunities to play Magic with friends old and new!

How to Build

A Precon to Call Your Own

by Bruce Richard October 31 2016

Bruce shows how you can modify a preconstructed deck to show off your unique personality.

Magic Lifestyle

Feast for the Senses

by Bruce Richard September 20 2016

Bruce shares some stories of his own and others' experiences preparing for Prerelease!

Ways to Play


by Bruce Richard August 23 2016

Bruce and special guest Sean Patchen talk about what it takes to build a Conspiracy cube of your very own.

Card Preview

Leovold, Emissary of Trest

by Bruce Richard August 17 2016

Bruce previews a perfectly political card from Conspiracy: Take the Crown and discusses the value of wheeling and dealing in multiplayer.

Magic Lifestyle

Prereleases: Tournaments or Experiences?

by Bruce Richard July 12 2016

Bruce goes international to find out what stores around the world can do to make their Prereleases as exciting as possible.

Ways to Play

Shadowy Combinations in Commander

by Bruce Richard May 10 2016

Shadows over Innistrad has given us tons of great cards that are showing up in pretty much every format, and Commander is no exception.

How to Build

How to Build with Zombies

by Bruce Richard March 29 2016

Bruce is back to share several practical uses for the Zombies in your life.

Card Preview

Ulvenwald Hydra

by Bruce Richard March 24 2016

Bruce has a preview card that's powerful, versatile, and extremely toothy.

How to Build

Oath of the Gatewatch's Multiplayer All-Stars

by Bruce Richard February 23 2016

Bruce examines how some of his favorite Oath of the Gatewatch cards fared when put to the test against his multiplayer group.

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