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Picture This: Dragons on the Pro Tour

by Mike Flores April 9 2015

Mike Flores takes a bite out of the statistics around Dragons in Pro Tours to help you digest the raw numbers.



by Mike Flores November 25 2014

The 8 most domin-8-ing Magic cards, by Top 8.

Level One

The Only Way to Play the Game

by Mike Flores August 4 2014

Forget about doing it your way and figure out what is actually going to allow you to win.

Level One


by Mike Flores July 28 2014

One of the most important tools that a deck designer can acquire is the identification and evaluation of undercosted cards. Many of Magic's most powerful and most memorable decks have relied on...

Level One

Vorlons, Shadows, and Captain Picard

by Mike Flores July 21 2014

Questions to ask yourself to give your deck (ideas) context.

Level One


by Mike Flores July 14 2014

Anticipating what your opponents will play and making adjustments based on that anticipation.

Level One

Two-Card Combinations

by Mike Flores June 30 2014

Assembling pairs of cards that, when played together, essentially—or actually—win the game.

Level One

Darksteel Citadel and Shrapnel Blast

by Mike Flores June 23 2014

A follow-up on the synergy discussion with two Magic 2015 preview cards that exemplify the principle.

Making Magic


by Mike Flores June 16 2014

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." —Aristotle Matt plays an Island into first-turn Delver of Secrets. Brian wrinkles his nose; lays his land; studies his hand to ensure that,...

Level One

Virtual Card Advantage

by Mike Flores June 9 2014

As you might have ascertained from previous installments of Level One, card advantage in general is the backbone of Magic strategy. Although card advantage is not the be-all and end-all of how you...

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