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Bad News for the Heroes

by Doug Beyer April 11 2019

Nicol Bolas has anticipated the Planeswalkers' every move; now it's time for the Multiverse's greatest villain to unleash his secret weapon.


Introducing Martha Wells, Dominaria Magic Story Author

by Doug Beyer February 14 2018

Doug introduces Martha Wells, author of the upcoming Dominaria entries for Magic Story!

Magic Story

Breaking Points

by Doug Beyer January 18 2017

The renegades and Gatewatch divide their efforts to attack Tezzeret's operation on multiple fronts.

Magic Story

In This Very Arena

by Doug Beyer October 12 2016

Tezzeret faces Pia Nalaar in an inventor’s duel, battling in the same arena where Chandra was once about to be executed. Planeswalkers must intervene.

Magic Story

Torch of Defiance

by Doug Beyer September 5 2016

The Gatewatch has decided not to intervene in a local matter on Kaladesh, but Chandra Nalaar disagrees—it's her home plane.

Magic Story

Innistrad's Last Hope

by Doug Beyer June 29 2016

Liliana devotes herself to unlocking the Chain Veil's secrets, but she learns that she must rely on more than just the dark artifact.

Magic Story

I Am Avacyn

by Doug Beyer May 18 2016

After following the trail of clues to Thraben Cathedral, Jace and Tamiyo have been attacked by the mad angel Avacyn.

Magic Story

Zendikar's Last Stand

by Doug Beyer February 17 2016

The team has a plan, but sometimes a plan doesn't survive contact with your allies...

Magic Story

Up in Flames

by Doug Beyer January 20 2016

Chandra Nalaar is ready to fight for Zendikar, but she has to find her friends first.

Magic Story

Promises to Keep

by Doug Beyer December 2 2015

Chandra Nalaar attempts to fulfill her duties as the abbot of Keral Keep.

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