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Welcome to Flavortown! (Or Not)

by Adam Styborski November 14 2017

Stybs is already full of ideas for how to get the most fun out of one of Unstable's most flavorful cards.

How to Build

Building with Pirates

by Adam Styborski October 2 2017

A treasure trove of Pirates has arrived, so there's no better time to build swashbuckling decks in Standard and beyond.

How to Build

Top 5 Ixalan Cards That Make You Go Hmm

by Adam Styborski September 22 2017

There are plenty of thought-provoking options in Ixalan, and Adam shares a few decks built using some of his favorite new cards.

Ways to Play

Catching Up on Commander Changes

by Adam Styborski August 15 2017

Adam recaps the biggest changes to hit Commander over the years to help new players or returning friends jump into the format.


O-Kagachi, Vengeful Kami

by Adam Styborski August 8 2017

Adam's Commander (2017 Edition) preview card finally shows the true power of the greatest kami of them all.

How to Build

Learning to Play More Magic: The Gathering

by Adam Styborski May 31 2017

If you've been looking to learn more about Magic, Adam has compiled a comprehensive list of resources to help you on your way.

How to Build

How to Exert

by Adam Styborski May 9 2017

Adam shares a few of the best ways to go above and beyond with Amonkhet's exert mechanic.

Card Preview

Wrapping Up with Zombies

by Adam Styborski April 11 2017

Zombie tribal has been a fan-favorite since Magic's earliest days, and it's getting several new toys in Amonkhet!

Card Preview

Hoofing It

by Adam Styborski March 1 2017

Adam previews a Modern Masters 2017 Edition card he's previewed once before.

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What I Love About Magic: The Content

by Adam Styborski February 15 2017

Whether you're creating it or absorbing it, Magic content is one of the best ways to engage with the wider Magic community.

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