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Precognitive Perception

by Sam Stoddard January 3 2019

Sam's Ravnica Allegiance preview card rewards those who can slow the game down—just as the Azorius Senate planned.

Card Preview

Developing a Tribal Set

by Sam Stoddard September 12 2017

Sam shares a look at how the development of Ixalan walked a fine line to bring the set's tribal theme to fruition.

Latest Developments


by Sam Stoddard June 9 2017

Sam goes over several of the biggest changes R&D deals with, and announces a big change coming to Latest Developments.

Latest Developments

Things I've Learned

by Sam Stoddard June 2 2017

This week marks Sam's five-year anniversary with Wizards, and he's learned a lot about collaborating in his time here.

Latest Developments

Amonkhet and Standard Mailbag

by Sam Stoddard May 26 2017

Sam dives back into his mailbag to answer reader questions about the development of Amonkhet and some other Standard cards.

Latest Developments

Developing Cycles

by Sam Stoddard May 19 2017

Cycling is one of Magic's most beloved and deep mechanics, and Sam has some insight on how to develop cards with it.

Latest Developments

M-Files: Amonkhet, Part 2

by Sam Stoddard May 12 2017

Sam finishes his series of card-by-card development stories for Amonkhet.

Latest Developments

M-Files: Amonkhet, Part 1

by Sam Stoddard May 5 2017

Sam begins his series of card-by-card development stories for Amonkhet.

Latest Developments

Developing Embalm and Aftermath

by Sam Stoddard April 28 2017

Sam explains how two of the mechanics in Amonkhet took the same inspiration in very different directions.

Latest Developments

Long Hard Road to Print

by Sam Stoddard April 21 2017

This week, Sam looks at why very few of the cards created by R&D make it through to print.

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