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Card Preview

Wizard Is About to Die

by Brian David-Marshall August 10 2017

Brian's Commander (2017 Edition) preview card uses its death to punish your opponents' hearts, minds, and souls.

Competitive Gaming

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation First Timers

by Brian David-Marshall August 3 2017

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation saw several first-timers make it to Day Two and beyond.

Competitive Gaming

Pro Tour Amonkhet: 9th–16th Finishers

by Brian David-Marshall May 17 2017

Brian profiles and interviews the Top 16 finishers from Pro Tour Amonkhet who didn't quite make the Top 8.

Ways to Play

What I Love About Magic: The History

by Brian David-Marshall February 20 2017

The living history of Magic has done as much to keep the game fresh and interesting in Brian's eyes as the cards themselves.

Competitive Gaming

Meet the Pro Tour Aether Revolt 9th–16th Finishers

by Brian David-Marshall February 8 2017

Brian checks in with the players who finished just outside the Top 8 at Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

Ways to Play

Selecting a Weapon for the Standard Showdown

by Brian David-Marshall November 23 2016

With Standard Showdown starting this weekend, BDM offers some advice on how to choose your deck for the event.

Competitive Gaming

World Magic Cup Teams to Watch

by Brian David-Marshall November 15 2016

While there are certainly favorites and underdogs at the World Magic Cup, make no mistake—this is anyone's tournament.

Card Preview

Seeds of Renewal

by Brian David-Marshall October 27 2016

Brian plants some ideas about which Regrowth cards to play as he previews a new one that's sure to reap you benefits in Commander.

Competitive Gaming

Meet the Pro Tour Kaladesh 9th–16th Finishers

by Brian David-Marshall October 19 2016

Brian David-Marshall caught up with several players who barely missed the Top 8 in Honolulu.


The Oral History of the Magic Dojo

by Brian David-Marshall June 7 2016

BDM recounts the rise and the fall of Magic's first content site.

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