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Magic Story


by Kelly Digges April 19 2017

Liliana knew that dragon-slaying was only part of the reason she came to Amonkhet . . . She has a demon to deal with first.

Magic Story

Proclamation by Adriana, Captain of the Guard

by Kelly Digges August 16 2016

Adriana, captain of the guard, addresses the people of Paliano.

Magic Story

Proclamation by Queen Marchesa

by Kelly Digges August 15 2016

Queen Marchesa addresses her subjects as she ascends to the throne.

Magic Story

Laid to Rest

by Kelly Digges August 3 2016

On the plane of Fiora, a ghost-hunting Planeswalker takes on a quick side job...

Magic Story

Stone and Blood

by Kelly Digges June 15 2016

A thousand years ago, Sorin and Nahiri fought. And there are two sides to every story...

Magic Story

Liliana's Indignation

by Kelly Digges April 20 2016

When we last saw her, Liliana Vess was receiving an unwelcome guest: Jace Beleren. He sought her help, but Liliana has problems of her own.

Magic Story


by Kelly Digges March 16 2016

Innistrad is unfamiliar territory to Jace, and the only person he knows who might be able to guide him is likely to be less than helpful.

Magic Story

Brink of Extinction

by Kelly Digges February 10 2016

Four Planeswalkers on Zendikar have taken an oath to protect the Multiverse. Now they need a plan to defeat the Eldrazi titans.

Magic Story

The Rise of Kozilek

by Kelly Digges December 9 2015

Kiora is on a collision course with the titan Ulamog...or so she thinks.

Magic Story

Revelation at the Eye

by Kelly Digges October 14 2015

Jace Beleren gleans crucial insight into stopping the Eldrazi titan Ulamog.

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