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Introducing MTG Arena's Creator Hub

by Nate Price September 19 2018

Introducing Magic: The Gathering Arena's Creator Hub!

Magic Digital

MTG Arena NDA Drops March 22

by Nate Price March 14 2018

We are going to let people start sharing content for MTG Arena starting the evening of March 22!

Daily Magic Update

The September 8, 2016 Update

by Nate Price September 8 2016

The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything you should know for today from throughout the Magic community.

Card Preview

The Price of Progress

by Nate Price May 26 2016

Nate's preview card punishes complexity and rewards brutal efficiency in the grand tradition of "Burn it all to the ground" decks.


Announcing the Community Vote for the 2015 Class of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame

by Nate Price July 7 2015

This year, one of the slots on the voting committee goes to you: the Magic community!


Twitch Chat and CoverItLive at Pro Tour Fate Reforged

by Nate Price February 4 2015

We are providing an alternative engagement platform: CoverItLive.

Daily Deck

Final: Vengeance

by Nate Price February 23 2014

Patrick Dickmann vs. Shaun McLaren Shaun McLaren (W/U/R Control) vs. Jacob Wilson (Melira-Pod) There is much that could be said about the air about the final table of a Pro Tour. Under the...

Daily Deck

Semifinals: The Perfect Crime

by Nate Price February 23 2014

Patrick Dickmann vs. Christian Seibold Anssi Alkio (U/R Twin) vs. Jacob Wilson (Melira-Pod) Patrick Dickmann vs. Shaun McLaren This was an unlikely pairing for this leg of the...

Daily Deck

Quarterfinals: Portent of Betrayal

by Nate Price February 23 2014

Chris Fennell vs. Jacob Wilson Shaun McLaren (W/U/R Control) vs. Tim Rivera (W/U/R Twin) Patrick Dickmann vs. Christian Seibold This match-up is another perfect example of how two decks...

Daily Deck

Quarterfinals: Tap Out

by Nate Price February 22 2014

Saul Aguado vs. (14) Alexander Hayne Anssi Alkio (U/R Twin) vs. Lee Shi Tian (Blue Moon) Chris Fennell vs. Jacob Wilson Though they share the same colors, the two decks featured in this...

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