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Competitive Gaming

2018 Champions Lead the Way for Magic Pro League

by Corbin Hosler December 13 2018

Two reigning champions, Player of the Year Luis Salvatto and World Champion Javier Dominguez, headline the pros joining the Magic Pro League!

Competitive Gaming

Playoffs Come to the Pro Tour

by Corbin Hosler October 30 2018

It all comes down to this: Seth Manfield and Luis Salvatto battling head to head for the title of 2017–18 Player of the Year!


Magic Art Comes Alive

by Corbin Hosler October 23 2018

Magic art transports us to worlds throughout the Multiverse and ignites our imaginations. It brings the game to life.

Card Preview

Guilds of Ravnica Split Cards

by Corbin Hosler September 10 2018

What's better than two cards in one? Corbin reveals split cards from Guilds of Ravnica with options for ultimate success.

Card Preview

Entreat the Dead

by Corbin Hosler July 26 2018

If you like bringing big creatures back from the great beyond, you're gonna love Corbin's miraculous Commander (2018 Edition) preview card!

Card Preview


by Corbin Hosler June 19 2018

Corbin previews Core Set 2019's mana-discount MVP and fills players in on all its strongest possibilities.


A Promising Beginning

by Corbin Hosler March 7 2018

Some players are drawn into Magic by the powerful spells and colossal creatures. Others, like Corbin, are captivated by endless the puzzle.

How to Build

How to Build Standard Merfolk: RIX Edition

by Corbin Hosler January 23 2018

Corbin dives back in with Standard Merfolk to show how Rivals of Ixalan has the deck poised to break out.

Competitive Gaming

Meet Oliver Tomajko, US National Champion

by Corbin Hosler October 23 2017

Seventeen-year-old Oliver Tomajko beat some of the best Magic pros in the country to become the youngest-ever US National Champion!

How to Build

How to Build Merfolk in Standard

by Corbin Hosler September 26 2017

Merfolk are one of the oldest tribes in Magic, and their return in Ixalan brings a lot of potential to Standard.

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