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Card Preview


by Corbin Hosler June 19 2018

Corbin previews Core Set 2019's mana-discount MVP and fills players in on all its strongest possibilities.


A Promising Beginning

by Corbin Hosler March 7 2018

Some players are drawn into Magic by the powerful spells and colossal creatures. Others, like Corbin, are captivated by endless the puzzle.

How to Build

How to Build Standard Merfolk: RIX Edition

by Corbin Hosler January 23 2018

Corbin dives back in with Standard Merfolk to show how Rivals of Ixalan has the deck poised to break out.

How to Build

How to Build Merfolk in Standard

by Corbin Hosler September 26 2017

Merfolk are one of the oldest tribes in Magic, and their return in Ixalan brings a lot of potential to Standard.

Ways to Play

Planeswalking to the Prerelease

by Corbin Hosler August 30 2017

Corbin traveled to Greece (in spirit) to find out how one store goes above and beyond for their Prerelease events.


A Love Letter to (Nearly) 25 Years of Magic

by Corbin Hosler June 12 2017

A lot has changed since Magic debuted in 1993, but the game has never stopped inspiring players around the world.


Five Blue Cards that Befuddled Players at Pro Tour Amonkhet

by Corbin Hosler May 16 2017

Blue mages played mind games all weekend during Pro Amonkhet with these five masterfully mischievous cards.

Magic Lifestyle

Forged in Fire

by Corbin Hosler May 2 2017

When disaster hit close to home, Corbin learned just how strong the bonds of community can be.

Magic Lifestyle

The First Guildmage

by Corbin Hosler March 21 2017

Jeff Zandi has been a pillar of the Texas Magic community since 1996, and he hasn't shown any sign of slowing down now.

Ways to Play

What I Love About Magic: The Community

by Corbin Hosler February 14 2017

At its heart, the Magic community is about so much more than a game.

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