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Magic Story

The Walls of Akros

by Kelly Digges February 26 2014

After a fun-filled tour through Ravnica, Theros, and a host of other strange and wonderful worlds... After meeting amazing heroes and jerk-face villains...After solving countless mysteries and...

Magic Story

Kiora's Followers

by Kelly Digges February 12 2014

Every sea is different, but all of them are connected.Oh, there were the usual variations. Temperature. Salinity. Pressure. She knew them, as any merfolk did, by instinct. A landbound...

Daily Deck

The Mechanics of Born of the Gods

by Kelly Digges January 13 2014

InspiredTributeNyx and BestowDevotionGodsHeroicScry"Archetypes" The plane of Theros has been thrown into chaos by the ascension to godhood of the satyr Planeswalker Xenagos. Gods and mortals are...

Magic Story


by Kelly Digges December 11 2013

Maia picked her way through the ruined building with bare and careful feet. They were already covered in soot, but she could wash them off in the stream. It was her sandals she couldn't get dirty,...

Magic Story

The Hard Sell

by Kelly Digges March 20 2013

Bartek heaved the last of the heavy wooden crates into the cart with a grunt. He leaned against the wall of the warehouse, breathing heavily, sweat running down his face. The sun was up, higher...

Magic Story

Experiment One

by Kelly Digges February 20 2013

The entrance to the lab was an unassuming hatch set in a dank, moss-covered wall. Liana had to double back twice to find it, and when she knocked on the door it swung open with a creak. "Hello?"...

Serious Fun

The Timmy Manifesto

by Kelly Digges December 22 2009

Welcome to "Best Of" Week, part I! While the final two weeks of the year are featuring repeated articles, they are more than repeats: they are the very best of what the past year of Serious Fun...

Serious Fun

What's In a Name, Part II

by Kelly Digges October 27 2009

Welcome back to my Serious Fun year(ish) in review! Prompted by my impending retirement from the column (as announced last week) and by the observation of a co-worker that my article titles are...

Serious Fun

The Scent of Blood

by Kelly Digges October 20 2009

It's Vampire Week here at! In pop culture, vampires are suave, predatory creatures of the night built up in myth, legend, and airport bookstores.In the good old days of...

Serious Fun

What's In a Name, Part I

by Kelly Digges October 13 2009

Some months ago, I was sitting at my desk when a member of Magic Ramp;D came up to me looking for a specific article I'd written—one of the ones I wrote about the Star format, so that some of...

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