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Magic Story

The Nature of Identity

by Adam Lee January 15 2014

When sentient, mortal beings die on Theros,they pass into the Underworld with the aid of the god Athreos, the River Guide.They dwell in this eternally gray realm without sun or night under the...

Magic Story

Top 20 Flavor Text

by Adam Lee August 7 2013

Flavor text is near and dear to my heart. I have been writing these little gems for close to a decade now and I am still amazed at how much fun, wisdom, intrigue, smackdown, and sass can be packed...

Magic Story

Zurbit's Day

by Adam Lee July 31 2013

"I need more money."Relno looked nervously at the floor and fidgeted with his staff. It was all he could do to keep from melting into a puddle of insecurity and self-doubt. He needed her backing;...

Magic Story

Pride Cometh

by Adam Lee July 17 2013

Skrikkle wanted grubs.Dried skrill slime was fine enough, but there came a time when a real goblin needed grub meat to satisfy him, and Skrikkle was at that point.Spit on this. He slung his dried...

Magic Story

The Path of Bravery

by Adam Lee July 10 2013

They stood in silence.Zaala watched the squire strap and buckle her father's armor onto his body, plate by plate. At some point, she got the sickening feeling he was being covered in a steel...

Magic Story

The One Hundred Steps

by Adam Lee May 22 2013

They were trapped.Jek knew the key was critical but he didn't realize to what lengths the Dimir would go to get it back. Now, he and his sister, Vinni, crouched within the walls of the small...

Magic Story

Barrin's Tall Tale

by Adam Lee April 17 2013

There he was again.Barrin Grevik wondered why that strange man in the hooded cloak had taken such an interest in the cornerstone with the odd etching that marked the edge of his shop and the...

Magic Story

Behind the Black Sun

by Adam Lee March 27 2013

The candle flickered. "I am a gateway for life," the cleric said.The dancing light added some numinous gravity to the statement.The cleric smiled at the unconscious reaction that must have...

Magic Story

The Guild of Deals

by Adam Lee February 13 2013

Orzhov Guildgate | Art by John AvonBosco unlocked the small but thick wooden side door that granted access through the outer wall into the mansion grounds. He passed a pair of guards, paying them...

Magic Story

Persistence of Memory

by Adam Lee January 23 2013

Sarusin sat in a dimly lit room far beneath the cobbled streets of Ravnica. He knew by the air that he was underground—the smell and sounds were different underground. Where he was exactly he...

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