2002 Grand Prix Houston

Posted in NEWS on December 30, 2015

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[view] 3900 deserves a smile like that

[view] The Champ: Josh Smith

[view] Still pals after the finals, Kibler and Smith

[view] Smith victorious Kibler cant understand his sideboard strategy

[view] In a word: Dominance.

[view] The Finals Brian Kibler vs. Josh Smith

[view] Smith in control

[view] Kiblers eyes let you know hes ready to win with two permanents

[view] Semifinal Action: Ben Rubin vs. Josh Smith

[view] Rubin tries to keep a game face on

[view] Smith takes care to shuffle thoroughly

[view] Semifinal Action: William Jensen vs. Brian Kibler

[view] Kibler is exciting The judge disagrees.

[view] Huey frets

[view] The screaming crowd

[view] Quarterfinal Action: Jonathan Job vs. Willaim Jensen

[view] Job tries to make the best of it

[view] Jensen sure loves his opponents mulligan to five

[view] Quarterfinal Action: Jonathan Pechon vs. Ben Rubin

[view] Pechon readies an elephant token

[view] Rubin looks for answers that arent there

[view] Quarterfinal Action: Alex Shvartsman vs. Josh Smith

[view] Shvartsman fears the worst

[view] Smith finds this ponderous

[view] Quarterfinal Action: Bob Maher, Jr. vs. Brian Kibler

[view] Kibler casting a spell Wow

[view] TGO gets his think on

[view] Round 13 Feature Match: Ken Krouner vs. Alex Shvartsman. Winner is in the Top 8

[view] Krouner is relaxed as can be

[view] Shvartsman tries to wring as much power from his cards as possible

[view] Round 13 Feature Match: Alex Borteh vs. Phil Freneau. Playing for pride.

[view] Freneau stares.

[view] Borteh just cant get into it

[view] Round 12 Feature Match: Ben Rubin vs. Dan Flood

[view] Rubin activates his heat vision

[view] Flood is best known for his rogue deck designs

[view] Round 12 Feature Match: Dan OMahoney-Shwartz vs. Jonathan Pechon

[view] Pechons Spiritmonger brings the pain

[view] Dan OMS, smiling politely

[view] William Jensen is on the Watch List for Extended

[view] Comer does the math

[view] Round 11 Feature Match: Eric Taylor vs. Brian Hegstad

[view] Eric Scary Taylor

[view] Babe of the Month Brian Hegstad

[view] The top tables are a wealth of talent

[view] Fletcher Peatross is despondent after losing his Feature Match

[view] Bill Macey addresses his fans

[view] Round 10 Feature Match: Josh Smith vs. Ben Rubin

[view] Rubin double-checks Smiths graveyard

[view] Smith wraps up game one

[view] Round 9 Feature Match: Brian Kibler vs. Bob Maher, Jr. Clash of the Titans

[view] Kibler brings the party with him

[view] Maher gets ready for Whoops, I win.

[view] Round 9 Feature Match: Peter Szigeti vs. Lan D. Ho

[view] Down a game, Szigeti boards in a shark-fin hat

[view] Lan D. Ho, up close and personal

[view] Round 8 Feature Match: Chris Benafel vs. Alex Borteh

[view] Borteh is an abyss, staring back into you

[view] Benafel is subdued

[view] Round 8 Feature Match: William Jensen vs. Ken Ho

[view] Jensen has an appropriately-sized coffee

[view] Ho is accidentally unsportsmanlike

[view] Round 7 Feature Match: Bob Maher, Jr. vs. Bryan Hubble, draws a crowd

[view] Maher shows off his sharp new haircut

[view] Hubble is always thronged by onlookers

[view] Round 6 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman vs. Bill Macey, now with mood lighting

[view] Macey and his Personal Trainer

[view] Shvartsman mulls

[view] John Shuler battles evil and Phil Freneau with japery and Holistic Wisdom

[view] EDT adopts a pensive pose

[view] Alan Comer, big as life, and facing Eric Taylor in a Round 5 Feature Match

[view] Whos wearing those slippers

[view] ... and do they deserve to

[view] Brian Hegstad attempts to take ALL the extra turns

[view] Whos asleep at the switch Incredulity over the non-featured status of Kibler vs. Jensen

[view] Round 4 Feature Match: Rob Dougherty vs. Andy Stokinger

[view] Theres no mistaking Rob Dougherty

[view] Stokinger is guided by a shadowy Olwen Wee

[view] Round 3 Feature Match: Shawn Kiernan vs. Lan D. Ho

[view] Kiernan has at least two hangers-on

[view] Skyward in Triumph: Lan D. Ho

[view] Round 2 Feature Match: Ryan Ellis vs. the back of Brian Kowal

[view] Ellis double-checks Kowals graveyard

[view] Kowal deftly subtracts six from his opponents life total.

[view] International male model Lan D. Ho disrobes

[view] This star-studded draft is good times for all.

[view] Those without byes have a long road ahead of them

[view] Under the heading Bad Ideas, this.

[view] Barely controlled chaos