2004 Invitational Card Concepts

Posted in Arcana on May 13, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

One of the rarest ways to win a game of Magic is to give your opponent ten poison counters but not if Bob Maher has anything to say about it.

Every year the winner of the Invitational gets to submit a card concept to R&D for a future set. With Maher 10-0 at the time this article was written, it's looking as if poison counters might make a return to a future set!

Here's Bob's card concept submission:

Asp's Grasp

Target player gets nine poison counters.

To help visualize, we've shamelessly made the following mock-up:

Needless to say, not all card concepts are printed as submitted, so you could expect R&D to playtest this concept and perhaps tweek it a little.

If you're wondering what other cards deal with poison counters, here is a list of key cards:

To see all of this year's Invitational card concepts, check out the Invitational Coverage - or go here.

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