2004 Regionals Decklists

Posted in Feature on May 3, 2004

By magicthegathering.com Staff


The 2004 North American Regional Championships took place over the weekend of May 1st. These decklists represent the top decks in the current Standard metagame. Choose a region from the list below to view the Top 8 decks from that region; this list will be updated periodically as further results are reported.

Southern California

Christopher Bilinski

Alex S. Gerlock

Zareh Mirbegian

Nam Tran

Rick Chong

Michael O. Long

Nathan Waxer

Peter Adams

Canada Central

William Ma

Eli Priest

Matt Enss

Jason Patterson

Sacha Bakht

Gregory Darkeff

Liam Henry

Mike Vosovski

Canada Western Prairie

Adrian DeRoche

Sorcery (4)
4 Thoughtcast
Instant (4)
4 Shrapnel Blast
Other (3)
3 Vault of the Whispers
60 Cards