2013 Magic Online Championship Winner

Posted in Feature on March 31, 2014

By Clayton Kroh

Clay is a video game industry veteran, fiction writer, and orchid grower (so many orchids). He writes and edits for DailyMTG and has contributed creative content to Magic: The Gathering.

Lars Dam

Congratulations to Lars Dam, known in Magic Online as Malavi, for his victory in the Magic Online Championship! He earns the title of Champion, as well as a seat at the 2014 World Championship, an invitation to next year's Magic Online Championship, and the $25,000 first prize.

Lars challenged fifteen of the very best Magic Online players in San Francisco over three days, until finally facing off against Cory Lack in the Finals. The match pitted Lars's black-splashing-red devotion deck against Cory's blue-splashing-white devotion deck. The movers and shakers of the two Finals matches included Pack Rat, Underworld Connections, Nightveil Specter, Thassa, God of the Sea, and ultimately Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Check out Lars Dam's winning deck below, as well as video of the Final.

Check out complete details of the three-day event.

Congratulations once again to Lars Dam, Magic Online Champion!

Lars Dam 2013 Magic Online Champion

Download Arena Decklist

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