2014 Community Cup: Player Profiles

Posted in Magic Online on August 18, 2014

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

The community's champions have been chosen to represent them as the 2014 Community Team! The internet cheers and throws roses at their computer screens and the floors of their local game stores! The masses stomp, stomp, clap vigorously, all while chanting the names of those who will represent them in the 2014 Community Cup—a test of Magic skill against the heroic Wizards of the Coast Team. The Community Team adorns its armor with the crowd's favors and toss hankies to its most excited fans, resulting in a swoon each and every time. As we speak, the Community Team gathers from far and wide, journeying to a glimmering citadel, or perhaps an internet message board, to discuss its strategies.


Meanwhile, it's all stone gargoyles; vaulted cathedral ceilings; and gold filigree-covered, high-backed chairs at Wizards HQ. We ask ourselves, "What's the best way to exploit the Community Team's weaknesses, ensuring our victory get to know the Community Team?" Of course! We can gather intel learn about their interests and Magic history with a detailed questionnaire! Heck! The Wizards Team will write up profiles too, as a show of good faith. We have nothing to hide from these community upstarts! With a plan in action, we steeple our fingers and have deep, philosophical talks about the color pie. Watching. Waiting for the 2014 Community Cup.

Keep your eye on the site the next four Wednesdays: August 20, August 27, September 3, and September 10. We'll be featuring player profiles for every player on both team rosters! Once profiles post, links will be added below that will take you directly to their interviews. Learn about your champions and cheer them on! Or, you could just root for us.

The last set of profiles comes out two days before the 2014 Community Cup begins on September 12! The gauntlet of 2014 Community Cup events will run from that Friday until Sunday, September 14. We'll have video coverage of all of the events running on twitch.tv/magic too, so remember to tune in!

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