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Serious Fun

Control Group

by Anthony Alongi December 19 2006

Anthony Alongi was the guy who wrote this column before I did, including a lot of this year, so it seems only fair to pick two of his best articles for the end-of-the-year 2006 wrap-up. In this,...

Serious Fun

Take This Doll And Stuff It!

by Anthony Alongi September 19 2006

So in July I tell Scott Johns, this site's content manager, that I regrettably must end my time at Yes, I still love everyone at Wizards; yes, I will always look back fondly...

Serious Fun

On Speed, Mass, And Force

by Anthony Alongi September 12 2006

theAs it is the beginning of this week's upkeep, I am removing the last time counter from my preview and revealing the card immediately: Before you go much further, you might want to check out...

Serious Fun

Can I Get An Amen?!

by Anthony Alongi September 5 2006

First, many thanks to all the readers who took the time to write message board posts and/or emails this past week, in regards to my imminent departure. It was rewarding to read about the impact...

Serious Fun

The End Of A Very Long Turn

by Anthony Alongi August 29 2006

As Scott Johns hinted several weeks ago, another writer will be leaving his column at this web site. After the Time Spiral previews (the next three articles), I will be done with Serious Fun, and...

Serious Fun

The Third Big Idea

by Anthony Alongi August 22 2006

Like just about anything – Olympic medals, sneezes, Magic sets per block – great things come in threes. And so do Big Ideas. Welcome to the third and last week of the Big Idea series!You can...

Serious Fun

So Much For Big Ideas

by Anthony Alongi August 15 2006

Sandwiched in between two of my "big idea" articles is a theme week that couldn't focus on a more ironic color combination: red and black. If you're looking for big ideas this week, you picked...

Serious Fun

Wild Trips With Cantrips

by Anthony Alongi August 1 2006

Short article this week, to spare my sanity for the longer series I started last week and will continue for the next two non-theme weeks. Normally during a theme week, I spend a little bit of...

Serious Fun

What’s The Big Idea?

by Anthony Alongi July 25 2006

Having recently played Magic in public, beyond the bounds of our modest play group, for the first time in several months, I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. You may have seen it already,...

Serious Fun

The Lost Sixth Color?

by Anthony Alongi July 18 2006

This past weekend, I went to the Coldsnap Prerelease in Minneapolis. There were seven other players from our playgroup there during the day, and I think we all agreed the set had a lot of...

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