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Walking Modern

by Conley Woods December 14 2012

There were certainly some number of control decks that people expected to see this past weekend in Toronto. The White-Blue Flash deck has put up results, with and without more aggro elements to...


Rise and Shine

by Conley Woods December 13 2012

Last weekend, while there was a Modern Grand Prix happening in the North, over in the East, Standard was on display. While Standard continues to have showings by things like Zombies and...


Burning Command

by Conley Woods December 12 2012

We have seen a lot of interesting stuff happen in Standard over the past few weeks. Reanimator has proven to be viable and versatile—and not just sporting a single viable archetypebut,...


The Dark Side of Green

by Conley Woods December 11 2012

Recently, Black-Red Zombies has been on a rampage. Winning Grand Prix events as well as smaller independent tournaments in somewhat of a flurry has made people check out the undead a little...


Man on the Moon

by Conley Woods December 7 2012

There was a time in my Magic career where playing with slow clunky combos was all I wanted to be doing. If it took time and finesse to set up, but left my opponent questioning what just...


Peddler on the Roof

by Conley Woods December 6 2012

A month or so back, we mentioned a deck here at Daily Decks that took advantage of Nightshade Peddler. The seemingly harmless 1/1 from Avacyn Restored looked like it would make for some fun...



by Conley Woods December 5 2012

Last week, I wrote about a deck I played in Grand Prix San Antonio that was a solid four colors. At the time, I thought I was pushing the boundaries on what mana bases in Standard could look...


Dead or Alive

by Conley Woods December 4 2012

Commander, aside from just being a lot of fun to play for about a million other reasons, is also a format that allows a lot of boundary stretching. I know a ton of local playgroups that have...


Buy One; Get One Free!

by Conley Woods December 3 2012

Normally here at Daily Decks, we get to feature cool new decklists on the scene made by fellow players and deck builders. With such a large and active community, there is usually plenty of...


Harpy, Harpy, Harpy

by Conley Woods November 30 2012

When I first heard about Legacy, I was introduced to the format by hearing about a lot of the cooler combo decks available. Goblins was mentioned to me, as was Merfolk, but the exciting decks...

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