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Competitive Gaming

The Year of More for Competitive Magic

by Elaine Chase February 20 2019

This year, we're expanding competitive Magic in brand-new ways to bring the game to you wherever and however you prefer to play!


The Next Chapter for Magic: Esports

by Elaine Chase December 6 2018

Big changes are coming to Magic's competitive scene next year, including MTG Arena esports, a $10 million prize pool across digital and tabletop, the Magic Pro League, and more!


Taking Action on Harassment and Bullying

by Elaine Chase November 28 2017

Elaine Chase discusses Wizards' response to harassment and bullying issues in the community.

Competitive Gaming

The $1 Million Weekend, Pro Club Updates, and More

by Elaine Chase September 26 2017

2018 is Magic's 25th Anniversary! We're celebrating with a $1 million prize pool weekend and fantastic Magic events all year long.

Competitive Gaming

2018's Pro Tours and 2017's Worlds

by Elaine Chase July 19 2017

Take a look at the specifics for the 2018 Pro Tours, the 2017 World Championship and World Magic Cup, and more!

Competitive Gaming

The Pro Club Transforms after 2017–18

by Elaine Chase July 19 2017

The Pro Players Club is changing in a big way in 2017–18.


What's in Store for In-Store Play

by Elaine Chase February 13 2017

2017 is going to be a year of innovating, of experimenting, and of pushing the envelope for in-store offerings.


On Proxies, Policy, and Communication

by Elaine Chase January 14 2016

Elaine has an important announcement regarding proxy cards.


Learning Opportunities

by Elaine Chase January 13 2016

Elaine has an important announcement regarding recent player suspensions.


Protecting You from Counterfeits

by Elaine Chase July 22 2014

Some of our recent accomplishments safeguarding the integrity of the game.

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