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Analyzing the Spark Split: Week 1 MPL Metagame

by Frank Karsten May 15 2019

Frank Karsten breaks down the Standard metagame unfolding within the Magic Pro League.


Feature: Answering the Modern Format

by Frank Karsten September 4 2011

Answering the Modern Format by Frank Karsten The Modern card pool is huge and the amount of viable decks is staggering. How does one approach such a brand new, completely open, diverse format,...


Zendikar Game Day Standard

by Frank Karsten November 16 2009

Six weeks have passed since the release of Zendikar. Two weeks ago, Zendikar Game Day took place in local shops worldwide. Many players took the opportunity to play Standard with the cards from...


The Final Analysis

by Frank Karsten September 26 2007

This is it. After this, Online Tech comes to an end. I am leaving, mainly in order to focus on finishing up my graduate degree. I want take a moment to thank all of my fans and loyal readers. I am...


Threshers and Blades

by Frank Karsten September 19 2007

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who sent me their thoughts on my Invitational card suggestions. I certainly got a lot of new nice ideas or tweaks to think about. Today, I'll be doing two...


Theory Games

by Frank Karsten September 12 2007

Today I’m not going to do an overview of last week’s metagame and the latest deck tech, as I was too busy slinging spells and sight-seeing in Florence last weekend to find enough time or an...


Dutch Nationals 2007

by Frank Karsten September 5 2007

Last weekend a couple high profile Nationals took place. Out of these, the Japanese Nationals as well as the German Nationals were featured prominently on this very web site. I'm always...


Extended Education

by Frank Karsten August 29 2007

The Constructed Premier events started again last week after their break during the Tenth Edition release tournaments. Today I will quickly cover the state of the online Time Spiral Block...


The Island of Lost Toys

by Frank Karsten August 22 2007

Welcome back to Online Tech! Last week I reviewed the Standard metagame, and since then I have started to playtest some games in preparation for my National Championships. A good rounded-out...


Of Avatars and Overlap

by Frank Karsten August 15 2007

I was highly surprised by the amount of responses I got after mentioning the old Shandalar game in last week's installment. Apparently, there are still many players out there who loved that game...

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