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Behind the Canvas: Donato Giancola

by Toby Wachter April 10 2003

What happens when you combine fantasy art with the classics? Somehow, even though Rembrandt and Shivan Dragon don't seem to be a likely combination, it works for Donato Giancola. Many players have...


Behind the Canvas: Arnie Swekel

by Toby Wachter February 4 2003

Artist Arnie Swekel at home with his two children. The greatest assets an artist can have are creativity and a love for his or her work. For Arnie Swekel, both are certainly in place. As an...


Behind the Canvas: John Avon

by Toby Wachter December 26 2002

The results of "Selecting Eighth Edition" have shown us that John Avon is one of the most well-loved illustrators working on Magic today. His work, especially on land cards, is some of the most...


Behind the Canvas: Mark Tedin

by Toby Wachter November 4 2002

Since I started writing this column, I've enjoyed the opportunities I've had to communicate with the fine people who create the visuals for the Magic universe. As an old-school player who first...


Behind the Canvas: rk post

by Toby Wachter October 2 2002

"Somewhere between photo-realistic and equally twisted." Does that describe any artist you're familiar with? "Pre-Raphaelite with Gothic sensibility." Does that ring a bell? How about "Twisted,...


Behind the Canvas: John Avon

by Toby Wachter July 19 2002

Some artists have styles that are both unique and accessible, yet not easily defined. A player may be a fan of a particular artist without being able to say exactly why. The foundation of John...


Behind the Canvas: Matt Wilson

by Toby Wachter June 14 2002

When he told the police he painted Magic cards, they let him go. For most Magic artists, the process of making art for the game is often done from an outsider’s perspective. Assignments come...


Behind the Canvas: Terese Nielsen

by Toby Wachter April 24 2002

This month’s artist is best known as the creator of the images you see as you get wrecked by two of blue’s most powerful spells: Force of Will and Fact or Fiction. Many anti-blue mages have...


Behind the Canvas: Matt Cavotta

by Toby Wachter March 27 2002

Every month, Toby Wachter will interview a different Magic artist. This will allow the Magic community to get a peek at the lives of the people who create the images of the game, and will also...

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