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The Solution Part 2

by Zvi Mowshowitz November 19 2015

Part one of the overview of The Solution dealt with the creatures. This will deal with the spells and lands. Repulse: While there's no question that all four copies of Repulse stay in the deck, I...


Top 50 Gold Cards of All Time

by Zvi Mowshowitz May 18 2009

Everyone loves gold. Gold is not only inherently great due to its intrinsic awesomeness and shininess, it also opens up a chance to do together what individual colors could never do apart. Even...


Systemic Thought

by Zvi Mowshowitz April 25 2006

As many of you know, this will be my last column. After this, The Play's The Thing comes to an end. It would be impossible to cover every type of play situation that comes up in Magic - as cards...


The Concept of Risk

by Zvi Mowshowitz April 18 2006

Astute readers of this column have no doubt noticed patterns in the way I've broken down different game situations and the advice I've given. Magic is a game with limitless possibilities and...


With a Deft Touch

by Zvi Mowshowitz April 11 2006

Magic wouldn't be Magic without a sense of danger. Every so often, a card should have enough potential that you want to run out, buy four copies and start breaking formats. It's probably fair, but...


Early Signs

by Zvi Mowshowitz April 4 2006

Before I begin, I'd like to give a great big thank you to all of you who wrote in to thank me for my column and let me know all that they've learned from it. Learning you've helped people out is...


More on Information Wars

by Zvi Mowshowitz March 28 2006

  This week, I'll be diving into the mailbox. It feels good to finally have generated a lot of feedback and have it be because I've raised questions and stimulated thought, rather than...


Winning the Information War

by Zvi Mowshowitz March 21 2006

There are situations where it will be tough to win and then there are situations where it is impossible to win. At some point in almost every game, there comes a time when one player has...

Serious Fun

Building with Multiplayer in Mind

by Zvi Mowshowitz March 14 2006

It was known as the Noah Melnick memorial grand melee. Noah, the undisputed master of the grand melee, had been missing in action around Neutral Ground in New York City for several months, so we...


Making the Right Decision Even When It Might Not Matter

by Zvi Mowshowitz March 7 2006

  Before we begin, a brief correction: Last week I forgot that the Glorious Anthem was making the Leonin Skyhunter a six power attacker, which changes the scenario in important ways. For...

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