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Magic Story


by Kimberly J. Kreines December 14 2016

Rashmi's matter transporter won the Inventors' Fair, and she accepted a patronage under Head Judge Tezzeret. Her dream seems within reach...

Magic Story

A Time for Innovation

by Kimberly J. Kreines August 31 2016

The Inventors' Fair is Rashmi's chance to catapult her invention to the forefront of the aetherology scene, and make her dream a reality.

Magic Story

Emrakul Rises

by Kimberly J. Kreines June 22 2016

Without Avacyn, Innistrad feels hollow—but a great power is coming to fill the void she left behind. Something is rising.

Magic Story

The Archmage of Goldnight

by Kimberly J. Kreines June 8 2016

Innistrad is falling to madness, but not all monsters are as they seem. In the dark of night, a werewolf's howl might be a prayer answered.

Magic Story

Under the Silver Moon

by Kimberly J. Kreines December 21 2016

A death in the town of Gatstaf has Halana and Alena worried that one of the Ulvenwald's werewolves has found a way past their defenses.

Magic Story

Hedron Alignment

by Kimberly J. Kreines November 18 2015

Ulamog is heading for Sea Gate, straight for Gideon and his army. The Planeswalkers must work together if they hope to stand a chance.

Magic Story

Nissa's Resolve

by Kimberly J. Kreines October 7 2015

Nissa's search for the soul of Zendikar leads her back to Bala Ged, now surrendered to Eldrazi corruption. Even there, she is reminded of her past.

Magic Story

Nissa's Quest

by Kimberly J. Kreines September 23 2015

While Gideon amasses an army to save Zendikar, Nissa searches for the world's soul to ensure there will be a Zendikar left for him to save.


The Magic Fiction eBook Collection

by Kimberly J. Kreines September 23 2015

We're proud to release the newest in a long line of fabulous Magic fiction outlets: The Magic Fiction eBook Collection!

Magic Story

The Survivors of Sky Rock

by Kimberly J. Kreines September 9 2015

Gideon Jura searches for a way forward after the fall of Sea Gate.

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