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How to build your sealed deck in 10 lessons

by Olivier Ruel June 6 2006

Today, for the final scene of Olivier's Corner, I'll try and give you tips for one of my favorite formats: Sealed Deck, to help you prepare for future events, including PTQs for Kobe. A random...


Improving your game-skills

by Olivier Ruel June 1 2006

I’ve received a lot of emails from readers asking me what to do in order to become a better player. I'm going to try and answer that difficult question, based on my own experience. At first,...


High Fidelity part 2

by Olivier Ruel May 30 2006

Some more Top 5's Top 5 favourite cards 1-Survival of the Fittest Maybe the card that turned me into a good player. I was trying to enter the gravy train back in 2001 when I first played...


High Fidelity

by Olivier Ruel May 25 2006

Have you ever seen the movie “High Fidelity” by Stephen Frears? John Cusack plays a record store owner, and there is this one thing he does all the time, Top 5. Like the Top 5 heart breaks,...


O My God, My Bro Won The Invitational

by Olivier Ruel May 23 2006

I'm finally back home after having been abroad for three weeks. I've already talked to you about Amsterdam and Prague, but still not about Los Angeles. Personally I am not a great fan of LA,...


Player Profiles

by Olivier Ruel May 2 2006

Go AnanGo Anan, a name that is familiar to most of the constructed players. Who has never seen a “Go Anan deck” in a GP or PT Top 8? You’ve never heard of him? Go and type Go Anan deck on...


Prereleasing in Paris

by Olivier Ruel April 27 2006

Welcome to GP Paris! Err… no wait, to the Paris Prerelease of DissensionI played a prerelease in Moscow and another one in Tokyo in 2005, but it’s been a long time since I last played one in...


Player Profile: Antoine Ruel

by Olivier Ruel April 25 2006

Today, I am going to introduce you to my brother Antoine. The 26-year-old triple GP champion and PT San Diego finalist had a difficult season last year, having almost no money finish until he won...


Limited informations: Gruul commons

by Olivier Ruel April 22 2006

Last week’s poll starts with a supposition, what if you were drafting a white/green/red deck and you could firstpick a common of your choice in Guildpact, knowing you already have a...


Details do matter

by Olivier Ruel April 20 2006

A game of Magic offers only a few ways to play perfect, but nearly infinite opportunities to misplay. Limiting mistakes is the key to success. I wrote last week about enquiring, which is only...

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