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Venturing Outward with the New Magic Logo

by Matt Cavotta March 27 2018

Matt introduces the new logo and talks about all the exciting new things on the horizon for Magic.


Raising a New Banner

by Matt Cavotta October 8 2017

We're revealing a new Magic logo that respects our rich history while amplifying the qualities that make the brand strong going forward.


A Conversation with Vorthos

by Matt Cavotta September 2 2015

In honor of the ten-year anniversary of Vorthos's name day, Matt sits down for a chat with our resident flavor czar.


Before, During, and After

by Matt Cavotta December 12 2011

When I asked (then) editor Kelly Digges if I could steal some word count on the website, he thought of a of a nifty place to put me: Flashback Week. His angle: flash back to...


Blood Type V

by Matt Cavotta December 26 2007

As a columnist, I get to select a couple of my favorite columns from this year to encore (who's calling it a "rerun"?). This year I took over the column from Taste the Magic...


The Last Quack

by Matt Cavotta September 6 2007

Ah, it is a strange, feathery weight to bear, the plight of the lame duck. I know, and everybody knows, that these are my last quacks. But it is not so bad. Next week it will be bad for me, as I...


Wizardcycling 3

by Matt Cavotta August 30 2007

I sat in front of my computer for a good 45 minutes before deciding to write for today what I had planned to write about next week. I think once you're done reading it you'll understand why I drew...


The Ballpark at Otaria

by Matt Cavotta August 23 2007

I must admit I struggled to find a topic to focus on during this Onslaught Week article. When I thought back to what flavors tickled my palate I could not really think of what Onslaught's "thing"...


Is it Live, or Is it Memorex?

by Matt Cavotta August 16 2007

Sometimes I know exactly what I am going to write about. (I think that has happened maybe twice.) Often I rely on theme weeks to lead me toward an interesting topic. Most often, though, I find my...


10, on a Scale of 1 to 5

by Matt Cavotta August 9 2007

SinceTenth Edition hit the scene I have been waiting for an opportunity to swim in its deep, deep pool of awesome art. Now that I have such an opportunity, I am drowning, drowning I say! There is...

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