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Team Modern Super League Decklists

by Randy Buehler February 5 2018

Check out the decklists from the Team Modern Super League! You can see these decks in action Tuesdays at 5 pm PT on

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Best of Throwback Standard Gauntlet

by Randy Buehler November 29 2017

Edit: After hearing feedback from players and consulting with Magic R&D, we came to the conclusion that Jar’s matchup against the other decks in this Gauntlet is too good and would provide an...

Magic Online

Throwback Standard Gauntlet 9: Recent Past

by Randy Buehler November 1 2017

The last period we’re exploring with a Throwback Standard Gauntlet runs from the release of Theros through last summer. This does mean there won’t be any decks from the last 12 months, because...

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Throwback Standard Gauntlet 8: Innistrad Standard

by Randy Buehler October 25 2017

This gauntlet covers September 2011 through August 2013: the two years when Innistrad was legal in Standard. Delver of Secrets was certainly one of the defining things going on, but there were...

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Throwback Standard Gauntlet 7: Worldwake

by Randy Buehler August 23 2017

Standard in 2009 and 2010 is without a doubt one of the most powerful periods in the history of the format. It's the last time anything had to be banned before this year, and the culprits were a...

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Gauntlet 6 – Release the Tribes!

by Randy Buehler August 16 2017

Tribal decks have been a popular part of Magic dating all the way back to Alpha with its Lord of Atlantis and Goblin King. [Editor's note: And the eminently forgettable Zombie Master.]...

Magic Online

Throwback Standard Gauntlet 5: Ravnica

by Randy Buehler August 10 2017

In October 2005, the chaos from Mirrodin block finally rotated out of Standard, replaced by the colorful world of Ravnica. The two years of this Gauntlet are Kamigawa–Ravnica Standard...

Magic Online

Throwback Standard Gauntlet 4: Mirrodin Standard

by Randy Buehler May 31 2017

After the relative calm of Invasion, Odyssey, and Onslaught-era Standard; Mirrodin burst onto the scene with a flood of linear "artifact matters" mechanics, the most powerful of which was affinity...

Magic Online

Throwback Standard Gauntlet 3: Early 2000s

by Randy Buehler May 24 2017

After the horrors of Combo Winter, Standard went back to reasonably powerful decks, as featured in this Throwback Standard Gauntlet.

Magic Online

Throwback Standard Gauntlet 2: Combo Winter (Urza Block)

by Randy Buehler May 10 2017

The decks in this Gauntlet are brutal weapons patently unfair on multiple axes, and Randy has all the details.

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