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A Shards Day's Night

by Rei Nakazawa December 29 2008

Welcome to the Best of 2008, Week II! For those of you just tuning in, Wizards is closed for the holidays, and that means you get the cream of the crop from this year's content. Of course, with...


A Shards Day's Night

by Rei Nakazawa October 20 2008

We Magic creative writers love a challenge. We savor developing cultures, we stare down cosmologies, we laugh at ambiguity. Ha ha ha! But the Shards of Alara block threatened to make us eat our...


The Seer's Parables

by Rei Nakazawa November 4 2015

SeerThe seer sat before me, Wrapped gently in smoke and satin. A small smile in purple-painted lips Peeked out from under her silk veil. Her crystal on the table before her Swam in an inner light...


The Deepening Shadowmoor

by Rei Nakazawa March 31 2008

Cinderella's sisters cut off pieces of their feet to fit into the glass slipper, and get their eyes pecked out by birds at the heroine's wedding. The Little Mermaid's legs feel as though she were...


In the Early

by Rei Nakazawa January 7 2008

Absolute perfection is impossible, especially in the worlds of Magic. Serra Angel tried it with her Realm, and it all fell apart. Urza wanted to create the ultimate defense against the...


Lorwyn Lore

by Rei Nakazawa September 10 2007

A new story, a new plane, a new atmosphere. From darkness to sunshine, from destruction to idyll... The contrast in setting between the new block, Lorwyn, and the previous block, Time Spiral,...


Back to the Future Sight

by Rei Nakazawa April 9 2007

Time is not a kind or merciful force. It marches relentlessly on, uninterested in those whom it tortures and toys with. And it tends to be really, really cranky when someone tries to mess with it....


Flavor From the Chaos

by Rei Nakazawa February 5 2007

Tahngarth, Talruum Hero is a whiner. As a particularly strong, self-confident, and conceited member of the Talruum minotaur tribe, perhaps he is only acting as you’d expect. And as one of red...


Order and (Planar) Chaos

by Rei Nakazawa January 8 2007

For the second set of the Time Spiral Block, Magic is gonna give players new cards… by giving them cards they already know. Confused? Be glad you’re not Teferi and his crew! But here’s more...


Time (Spiral) Is On My Side

by Rei Nakazawa September 4 2006

Before I begin, I have just one warning for all you Magic players out there: your heads are about to explode. Seriously, R&D has really gone crazy on the Time Spiral block, both mechanically and...

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