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Magic Online

Ultimate Masters: Magic Online Edition

by Alli Medwin November 28 2018

Announcing Ultimate Masters League details, Treasure Chest updates, and more!

Magic Online

2019 Magic Online Championship

by Alli Medwin November 12 2018

The 2019 Magic Online Championship Series has exciting new things in store for players hoping to win big and make it to the top.

Magic Online

Guilds of Ravnica: Magic Online Edition

by Alli Medwin September 19 2018

Announcing Guilds of Ravnica League details, Treasure Chest updates, and more!


Core Set 2019 Comes to Magic Online July 6

by Alli Medwin June 28 2018

You'll soon be able to play Core Set 2019 on Magic Online, and Alli details all the changes arriving with the newest set in the coming weeks.

Magic Online

Cube Spotlight Series – Uncommon Cube

by Alli Medwin May 16 2018

A new Cube offering is coming to Magic Online: the Cube Spotlight Series! First up in the Series is Alli Medwin's own Uncommon Cube.

Magic Online

Masters 25, Plus Treasure Chest Updates

by Alli Medwin March 6 2018

Masters 25 is coming to Magic Online, and bringing with it some exciting updates to Treasure Chests!

Magic Digital


by Alli Medwin January 18 2017

Alli discusses the ways in which the Magic Online design team improved the player experience with the release of Aether Revolt.

Magic Digital

Inventing Inventions

by Alli Medwin September 28 2016

Alli walks through some of the changes you will see when the bright world of Kaladesh comes to Magic Online.

Magic Digital

Emrakul Runnings

by Alli Medwin July 27 2016

Alli talks through the hard work that went into bringing Eldritch Moon to life on Magic Online.

Magic Digital

Casting Shadows

by Alli Medwin April 13 2016

Alli is back with behind-the-scenes stories from the implementation of Shadows over Innistrad in Magic Online.

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