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Ixalan Comes to Magic Online on September 25!

by Lee Sharpe September 20 2017

Pirates! Dinosaurs! Vampires! Merfolk! Explore Ixalan with events beginning on Magic Online Monday, September 25!

Magic Online

Vintage Leagues Begin August 30!

by Lee Sharpe August 22 2017

It’s time! With evening Vintage Daily Swiss events firing regularly and the growth with the Vintage Challenge, we wanted to help grow Vintage and open it up to players who may need to spread out...

Magic Online

Magic Online Player Rewards Changes!

by Lee Sharpe July 31 2017

Every month, Magic Online players who have opted in to Magic Online Player Rewards (MOPR) can receive promo cards based on their participation in events and their purchases in the Magic Online...

Magic Online

Hour of Devastation comes to Magic Online July 10!

by Lee Sharpe June 29 2017

The Hour of Devastation is descending upon Magic Online on July 10, but the results are far from devastating. Lee Sharpe has details.

Magic Online

Magic Online Format Challenges

by Lee Sharpe May 10 2017

Format Challenges on Magic Online are expanding to include all non-rotating Constructed formats!

Magic Online

Amonkhet on Magic Online Is Earlier than Ever

by Lee Sharpe April 12 2017

Beginning with Amonkhet, you'll be able to play new sets on Magic Online sooner than ever before!

Magic Digital

Modern Masters 2017 Edition Events and Constructed Event Changes

by Lee Sharpe March 15 2017

Changes are coming to Constructed events on Magic Online with the release of Modern Masters 2017 Edition.

Magic Online

Pro Tour Qualifier Preliminary Schedule Changes

by Lee Sharpe February 14 2017

Changes are coming to the Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier Preliminaries.

Magic Online

Aether Revolt Launches January 25 on Magic Online!

by Lee Sharpe January 12 2017

Aether Revolt is almost here! I hope you have fun at your local game store playing in an Aether Revolt Prerelease this weekend! Aether Revolt arrives on Magic Online following the January 25...

Magic Online

Magic Online Banned Changes Implementation

by Lee Sharpe January 9 2017

Lee discusses the implementation of the Standard and Modern bans on Magic Online.

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