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Advanced Concepts

by Scott Wills December 27 2005

This article is another one that should hold well over time as it includes a lot of concepts that are difficult to master, but that can be applied equally across all limited formats. All of the...

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Tempo and You

by Scott Wills December 20 2005

One of the most misunderstood concepts in Magic is that of tempo. This article is a nice introduction to one of Limited Magic's more advanced concepts. Although a lot of its concepts are explained...

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Attack of the Flying Wurms

by Scott Wills November 15 2005

I have to start this week's column with a little announcement. This will be the last Limited Information column I'll be writing. Magic these days is simply not as high a priority for me as it was...

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Taking Dimir to the Air

by Scott Wills November 8 2005

Now that Ravnica has finally arrived online we can at last get down to some real drafting. The triple Ravnica format will be the format of choice for the next four months online and with everyone...

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Making The Most Of Your Bombs

by Scott Wills November 1 2005

With Ravnica only just arriving on Magic Online and the Ravnica beta being lacking in triple Ravnica drafts over the last few weeks, my testing of that format has halted somewhat recently. While...

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Getting to Know Ravnica Better

by Scott Wills October 25 2005

There are a couple of topics I want to talk about in today's column so I'll apologise in advance that there isn't one true theme. I'm still coming to grips with Ravnica and there's much to learn...

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Exploring Ravnica – Part II

by Scott Wills October 11 2005

After tackling two of the guilds in last week's article it only makes sense to follow up with the remaining two this week. Last week I tackled Selesnya and Boros, which leaves Golgari and Dimir...

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Exploring Ravnica

by Scott Wills October 4 2005

The one "problem" you have as a limited writer when a new main set comes about is that you suddenly have 300+ new cards to talk about. It's not too bad if you write about constructed as there are...

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Welcome to the City of Guilds

by Scott Wills September 27 2005

Well there are certainly no prizes for guessing the subject of today's column! Ravnica has finally hit and I hope you all had good fun at the pre-releases this past weekend. I was able to get to...

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Aura of Superiority

by Scott Wills September 20 2005

There will be a couple of different topics in today's column as there are a couple of areas I want to cover. I have a couple of Ravnica cards to show you that any fan of Limited will want to see....

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