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Play Design Q&A

by Melissa DeTora June 14 2019

Melissa answers some of the most commonly asked questions she gets on her weekly stream.

Card Preview

Tomik, Distinguished Advokist

by Melissa DeTora April 5 2019

To ensure a set full of planeswalkers would play well, Play Design built answers to keep such powerful heroes (and villains!) in check.

Card Preview

Frilled Mystic

by Melissa DeTora January 4 2019

Melissa previews a Ravnica Allegiance card that appears from nowhere to complete a cycle and deny your opponent.

Card Preview

Trostani Discordant

by Melissa DeTora September 14 2018

Successful Constructed mechanics require two distinct things to function well, as Melissa explains with her Guilds of Ravnica preview card.

Card Preview

A Look into Standard Mana Bases

by Melissa DeTora April 6 2018

A good deck requires a strong mana base. Melissa's Dominaria preview cards will form the backbone of many Standard decks for years to come!

Play Design

Designing Masters 25

by Melissa DeTora March 16 2018

Melissa shares a little of the design philosophy behind Masters 25 to celebrate the release of our 25th Anniversary set.

Play Design

The M-Files: Rivals of Ixalan Edition – Red through Lands

by Melissa DeTora February 9 2018

Melissa dives into the M-Files to share commentary on red, green, multicolor, and land cards during Rivals of Ixalan development.

Play Design

The M-Files: RIX Edition – White, Blue, and Black

by Melissa DeTora February 2 2018

Melissa peeks back into the Rivals of Ixalan design file to share some of the initial commentary on white, blue, and black cards in the set.

Play Design

Designing Rivals of Ixalan Planeswalkers

by Melissa DeTora January 19 2018

Melissa explains how the Play Design team approached the creation of the two new planeswalkers in Rivals of Ixalan.

Play Design

Takeaways from the Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Prerelease

by Melissa DeTora January 12 2018

Melissa recently went to Canada for the Rivals of Ixalan Pre-Prerelease, which led to some great discussion about some of the new cards.

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