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The M-Files: Ixalan Edition, Part 2

by Melissa DeTora October 20 2017

Melissa completes the M-Files for Ixalan, taking an inside look at the red, green, multicolored, artifact, and land cards.

Play Design

The M-Files: Ixalan Edition, Part 1

by Melissa DeTora October 13 2017

Melissa returns to the M-Files to look back at the Ixalan design file now that the set has been released.

Play Design

Philosophy of Control

by Melissa DeTora October 6 2017

Melissa shares a look into how R&D positions decks that always want the last word.

Play Design

Four Rules for a Balanced Format

by Melissa DeTora September 29 2017

The Play Design team uses four rules to guide their decisions and create a balanced Standard format.

Play Design

Balancing Standard Formats

by Melissa DeTora September 22 2017

Balance is one of the main goals the Play Design team has for Standard, and Melissa explains one of the ways the team achieves that aim.

Play Design

Counter Play: Finding the Right Answers

by Melissa DeTora September 15 2017

Melissa explains the Play Design team's philosophy for providing answers to threats in Standard.

Card Preview

Why We Make Hate Cards

by Melissa DeTora September 8 2017

Melissa discusses the design niche that hate cards fill before revealing one of the more sadistic examples in recent memory.

Play Design

Standard Retrospective: HOU Edition

by Melissa DeTora September 1 2017

Melissa talks about the current Standard environment—what changes and adjustments were made and where we're going next.

Play Design

Balancing for Limited

by Melissa DeTora August 25 2017

The Play Design team spends a great deal of energy balancing Limited environments, through loops of testing, feedback, and iteration.

Play Design

Making History at Grand Prix Minneapolis

by Melissa DeTora August 18 2017

Grand Prix Minneapolis was a tournament of firsts for Melissa—and for professional Magic coverage in general!

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