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Magic Story


by Michael Yichao July 19 2017

Faced with the murder of their beloved gods, the mortals of Amonkhet struggle to survive the destruction of their world.

Magic Story


by Michael Yichao July 5 2017

Hazoret hesitates, torn between her loyalty to the God-Pharaoh and the mortals under her care.

Magic Story

Hour of Glory

by Michael Yichao June 21 2017

The Hour of Glory was to be the moment the gods proved their worth. Instead, three forgotten gods appeared, purpose ominous and unknown.

Magic Story


by Michael Yichao May 10 2017

In the not so distant past, Samut and Djeru were the best of friends and destined for glory. What happened on one fateful day shaped both of their futures.

Magic Story


by Michael Yichao May 3 2017

Gideon enters the Trial of Ambition alongside his friend, the young initiate Djeru, and meets the harsh reality of the nature of the Trials.

Magic Story


by Michael Yichao March 29 2017

The Gatewatch arrive on Amonkhet expecting a hellscape worthy of the Multiverse's most dangerous foe. What they encounter is much worse.

Magic Story

Quiet Moments

by Michael Yichao December 7 2016

The Gatewatch struggle to discover the purpose behind Tezzeret's presence on Kaladesh—and to determine their role in the political conflict.

Magic Story


by Michael Yichao March 23 2016

In the Nephalian highlands of Innistrad, something crawls to the surface of dark Lake Zhava.


Question Marks—Episode 3: Shadows over WOTC over Innistrad!

by Michael Yichao March 10 2016

Mark travels through time. Yichao tries to track down some answers. Squirrels are involved.


Oath of the Gatewatch Approaches!

by Michael Yichao January 7 2016

It's almost time to take an oath and jump into battle, so know your options and get ready for some epic action!

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