Posted in Arcana on April 26, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The blue-aligned wizards of post-apocalyptic Dominaria adapted to the slag islands rather easily. Their elaborate headgear protects their precious brains from the corrosive storms of their surroundings. It also allows them to see through the acidic fog. Check out Voidmage Husher for a good shot of an elite blue mage of this design. See how her eyes glow blue as she casts a spell?

Voidmage Husher Voidmage Husher art by Chippy

Future Sight's Foresee not only reinforces the "future" theme of the set in its mechanics, but also shows off more of that combination mask-headgear look. In Foresee's art, a blue-aligned mage has removed her protective gear to reveal a surprising sensory feature.

Foresee Foresee art by Ron Spears

The name "Foresee" means "to see the future," but is also a play on words with the card's scry mechanic (how many cards do you get to see?), and it ties to the art as well. What does that mask hide? Four eyes, four "scrys," four cards, Foresee.

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