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Magic Online

State of Magic Online – Modern Horizons & the Play Lobby

by Chris Kiritz May 23 2019

Epic battles are on the horizon! Chris has all the info you need to start playing Modern Horizons on Magic Online when it releases June 6.

Magic Online

State of Magic Online 2018

by Chris Kiritz December 14 2018

It's time to reflect on Magic Online in 2018 and look ahead to the future!

Magic Online

Magic Online Mid-Year Update

by Chris Kiritz July 31 2018

We're halfway through 2018, so it's time to examine the goals we've accomplished and share what'll be coming out soon.

Magic Online

Magic Online Conduct Update

by Chris Kiritz May 1 2018

Magic Online has updated its Code of Conduct. 

Magic Digital

State of Magic Online 2018

by Chris Kiritz February 8 2018

With 2017 in the books and 2018 under way, let's look at how 2017 went and what we're aiming to accomplish in 2018.


Magic Online Moving Forward

by Chris Kiritz September 7 2017

Chris Kiritz lays out the vision and goals for the future of Magic Online.

Magic Digital

The State of Magic Online

by Chris Kiritz January 31 2017

Chris addresses the state of Magic Online.


The Future of Leagues

by Chris Kiritz November 10 2015

Leagues have been a huge success so far on Magic Online, and they're only going to get better!

Magic Online

Magic Online Leagues Update

by Chris Kiritz August 17 2015

Greetings Magic Online players, It's been too long since my last Leagues update and, as you may have noticed, the first half of 2015 is over and you are not currently playing in a League. That...


Wide Beta Update: Lights, Camera, Action

by Chris Kiritz May 26 2014

Download Magic Online Greetings Magic Online players! I wanted to give a quick update on the Wide Beta, including initial Spotlight results, and share some more information regarding...

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