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The 2008 Vintage Year in Review

by Stephen Menendian January 12 2009

And so we return and begin again. That's the opening line of Grant Morrison's brilliant opus The Invisibles, (move over, Watchmen!) to symbolize the cyclical nature of reality, something that is...


The 2007 Vintage Year in Review

by Stephen Menendian December 10 2007

You've probably heard the saying "time flies when you're having fun." The opposite is also true. Can you remember sitting in your last period class in high school, practically counting down the...


Ascending the Vintage Learning Curve: An Introduction to Vintage Magic

by Stephen Menendian November 20 2006

Hi everyone, and welcome! When Scott Johns asked me if I'd like to contribute a piece to this wonderful site, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about Vintage at the home of Magic on the Web. My...


Forward Thinking

by Stephen Menendian October 31 2005

I. INTRODUCTION Sun Tzu, a military strategist, once stated "Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat." This statement, written more than 2,000 years ago, tells us that action...


A Vintage Year in Review

by Stephen Menendian January 4 2005

The Vintage format (also referred to by its older name, "Type 1") has undergone an important transformation this year. Last year it rose from the ashes, and now it has become part of something one...


A Player’s Guide to Type 1

by Stephen Menendian August 9 2004

Take a moment to congratulate yourself. You have taken the first step toward playing in the Type 1 Championship at Gen Con Indy. Whether you are a Pro player, a Friday Night Magic regular, a money...


Limited Infinity

by Stephen Menendian March 1 2004

All the mana, but half the casting NNicol Bolas, Hypnox, Crush of Wurms… some Magic cards could be pretty amazing if it wasn't for one little problem: they just cost too much mana. We have all...

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