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The Hour of Promise

by Alison Luhrs June 28 2017

Hapatra, vizier of the Temple of Strength, is smart enough to know a broken promise when she sees one.

Magic Story


by Alison Luhrs June 14 2017

Liliana faces the demon Razaketh in a battle for control of her future and herself.

Magic Story

The Hour of Revelation

by Alison Luhrs June 7 2017

Sixty years ago, a dragon came to Amonkhet to set a plan into motion. Now a prophecy will be fulfilled, and the God-Pharaoh will return.

Magic Story

Pride of the Kraul

by Alison Luhrs May 31 2017

Mazirek, death priest and leader of the kraul, refuses to sit idly by while his people are routinely ignored by Guildmaster Jarad and his ilk.

Magic Story

The Writing on the Wall

by Alison Luhrs April 12 2017

Nissa suspects that Nicol Bolas's influence on Amonkhet isn't as they had assumed. She and Chandra uncover a horrific truth about the plane.

Magic Story

In the Dead of Night

by Alison Luhrs November 30 2016

All citizens are feeling the stifling effects of the Consulate crackdown, but perhaps none more than the aetherborn Yahenni.

Magic Story

Born of Aether

by Alison Luhrs September 21 2016

As the Inventors' Fair reaches full swing, the aetherborn socialite Yahenni throws a lavish party to celebrate. Chandra and Nissa join the guest list, searching for leads on Pia Nalaar.

Magic Story


by Alison Luhrs August 10 2016

Adriana has begun to question the actions of her king, and it's clear from rumblings around the city that others share her doubts.


Hanweir Chronicle Recap

by Alison Luhrs May 31 2016

Alison presents a refresher of the articles from the Hanweir Chronicle so far.

Magic Story


by Alison Luhrs April 27 2016

The fierce rivalry between Innistrad's two most infamous necromancers—Geralf the skaberen and his sister, Gisa the ghoulcaller—will, like their monstrous creations, never die.

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