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Aminatou, the Fateshifter

by Alison Luhrs July 26 2018

Say hello to the youngest (and arguably most intimidating) Planeswalker!


The World of Battlebond

by Alison Luhrs June 6 2018

Alison shares more details about the plane of Kylem and the world of Battlebond!

Magic Story

Wool Over the Eyes

by Alison Luhrs February 14 2018

Huatli goes on holiday, Angrath goes home, Vraska deceives a dragon, and Jace heads for Dominaria. Meanwhile, a new leader claims Orazca.

Magic Story

Who Tells the Stories

by Alison Luhrs February 7 2018

The Immortal Sun is gone, and Huatli realizes the truth doesn't belong to whoever happens to be in charge.

Magic Story


by Alison Luhrs January 31 2018

Vraska and Jace devise a plan to succeed where gods once failed, and resolve to save their home at any cost.

Magic Story

The Arbiter of Law Left Chaos in His Wake

by Alison Luhrs January 24 2018

Huatli and Tishana reach the Immortal Sun while Jace and Vraska discover the callousness of the sphinx who made it.

Magic Story

Glimpse the Far Side of the Sun

by Alison Luhrs January 17 2018

Huatli races toward the Immortal Sun as Jace and Vraska encounter a surprising foe.

Magic Story

The Flood

by Alison Luhrs January 10 2018

Multiple parties converge on Orazca, and the fight for the Immortal Sun begins!

Magic Story

The Race, Part 2

by Alison Luhrs October 18 2017

The four factions of Ixalan converge on the secret location of Orazca, but who will be first to traverse the fabled land?

Magic Story

The Race, Part 1

by Alison Luhrs October 11 2017

Unlikely partnerships emerge as the hunt for the Golden City begins in earnest.

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