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How to Build

Top 5 Wackiest Cards from Ixalan

by Meghan Wolff September 19 2017

Our world is full of wacky, zany goofballs, and so is the world of Ixalan. Meghan looks at her five favorite wacky Ixalan cards.


Imminent Doom

by Meghan Wolff June 27 2017

Meghan has an Hour of Devastation preview card that just won't stop escalating.

Magic Lifestyle

First-Time Pro Tour

by Meghan Wolff May 30 2017

What’s it like playing in your first Pro Tour? Meghan follows around a few first-timers at Pro Tour Amonkhet to get the answer.

Card Preview

Trial and Trial Again

by Meghan Wolff April 5 2017

Meghan previews two cycles in Amonkhet that are ready to prove their worth again and again.

Card Preview

Return of the Splicers

by Meghan Wolff March 2 2017

Meghan reveals that some of the Splicers of New Phyrexia will be returning in Modern Masters 2017 Edition

Ways to Play

What I Love About Magic: The Personal Growth

by Meghan Wolff February 21 2017

Magic helps us hone our problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and pushes us to discover wonderful things about ourselves.

How to Build

How to Build Midrange

by Meghan Wolff February 7 2017

Midrange decks sit in the sweet spot between aggro, control, and combo, and Meghan explains how to build this jack-of-all-trades archetype.

How to Build

How to Build with Green

by Meghan Wolff November 29 2016

Green decks are all about creatures, and Meghan has some great tips on how to make the most of them in Standard.

How to Build

How to Create Kaladesh Combos

by Meghan Wolff October 4 2016

Meghan reaches into the deep well of exciting new combos Kaladesh brings and pulls out a few of her favorites to share.

Card Preview

Madcap Modules

by Meghan Wolff September 6 2016

Inventors on Kaladesh are driven by the sheer joy of discovery, and Meghan's preview cards are sure to reward your own creativity.

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