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Wildborn Preserver

by Meghan Wolff September 10 2019

Meghan's Throne of Eldraine preview card has a lot to offer, especially if you aren't keen on playing too many Humans.

Card Preview


by Meghan Wolff June 19 2019

Meghan previews two Dinosaurs from Core Set 2020 that are sure to inspire lots of dino-based comboing in the very near future.

Card Preview

Thousand-Year Storm

by Meghan Wolff September 17 2018

Meghan's Guilds of Ravnica preview card is a storm crackling with untapped potential!

Card Preview

Bramble Sovereign

by Meghan Wolff May 23 2018

Meghan's Battlebond preview card proves two creatures—like two heads—are always better than one.

Card Preview


by Meghan Wolff January 3 2018

What's better than a 5/5 Dinosaur? A 5/5 Dinosaur that makes copies of itself!

How to Build

Deck of the Week: White-Red Sunbird's Approach

by Meghan Wolff November 17 2017

Why play with creatures or try to win through damage when you have the blessing of a giant Sunbird?

Card Preview

It's Just Too Good to Be True!

by Meghan Wolff November 14 2017

Meghan's Unstable preview card is an Angel that promises (almost) limitless possibilities—if you're willing to do the work.

How to Build

Deck of the Week: White-Black Vampires

by Meghan Wolff October 27 2017

Meghan shows how you can swarm your opponent with an army of Vampires using this synergistic tribal deck.

Competitive Gaming

William Jensen, World Champion

by Meghan Wolff October 16 2017

Hall of Fame pro William Jensen has long been a fixture of the competitive Magic scene, but one title had always eluded him—until now.

How to Build

Top 5 Wackiest Cards from Ixalan

by Meghan Wolff September 19 2017

Our world is full of wacky, zany goofballs, and so is the world of Ixalan. Meghan looks at her five favorite wacky Ixalan cards.

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