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by Gaby Spartz June 20 2018

Gaby showcases a favorite tribe in her Brawl-ready Core Set 2019 previews.

Card Preview

Arcane Artisan

by Gaby Spartz May 24 2018

Gaby's Battlebond preview card helps you—and your teammate—find your best creatures and get them onto the battlefield.

Card Preview

Filter Lands

by Gaby Spartz February 28 2018

Gaby previews a cycle of lands from Masters 25 that will smooth over all those pesky mana-color issues and let you play the cards you want.

How to Build

Ixalan Standard Rotation

by Gaby Spartz August 29 2017

Gaby examines how the upcoming Standard rotation will change (or not change) the top decks.

How to Build

Revisiting Zombies in Hour of Devastation

by Gaby Spartz July 18 2017

Gaby revisits tribal Zombie decks in Standard with the release of Hour of Devastation.

Magic Digital

Magic Streamers to Watch

by Gaby Spartz June 6 2017

With so many great players streaming Magic, there's always someone online to watch and learn from!

How to Build

Building with Zombies

by Gaby Spartz May 2 2017

With the arrival of Amonkhet, the Zombies of two planes are ready to join forces and take on the world.

Card Preview

Honored Hydra

by Gaby Spartz April 10 2017

Gaby's Amonkhet preview card is a friendly Snake hybrid that's sure to inspire fun brews.

Card Preview

Abrupt Decay

by Gaby Spartz March 1 2017

There's no counter argument to the claim that Gaby's preview card from Modern Masters 2017 Edition is among Magic's best removal.

Ways to Play

What I Love About Magic: The Cosplay

by Gaby Spartz February 22 2017

Cosplay is an opportunity for many Magic players to connect with their favorite characters on a personal level.

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